Zygmunt Bauman: 16 Phrases and Thoughts

The death of Zygmunt Bauman  was announced by a Polish newspaper, and the cause has not yet been disclosed.

It is worth reviewing or getting to know some of his reflections.

Zygmunt Bauman quotes

“Darkness is not the cause of danger, but it is the natural habitat for uncertainty – and therefore fear”

“Liquid descriptions are snapshots, which need to be dated.”

“Uncertainty is the natural habitat for human life – even though the hope of escaping uncertainty is the engine of human activity. Escaping uncertainty is a presumed fundamental ingredient, of any and all composite images of genuine, adequate and total happiness always seems to reside somewhere ahead: like the horizon, which recedes when trying to get closer to it. ”

“Capitalism is a parasitic system. Like all parasites, it can thrive for a certain period, as long as it finds an unexplored organism that provides it with food. ”

“Relationships are like vitamin C: in high doses, they cause nausea and can harm your health.”

“We are responsible for the other, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we want it or not, positively cheering or going against it, for the simple reason that, in our globalized world, everything we do (or fail to do) impacts our lives. everyone and everything that people do (or refrain from doing) ends up affecting our lives. ”

“In the information age, invisibility is equivalent to death.”

“People follow the current, obeying their daily routines and in advance resigned to the impossibility of changing it, and above all convinced of the irrelevance and ineffectiveness of their actions or their refusal to act.”

“Bulimia and anorexia are the most common pathological reactions to the contradictions and challenges typical of our way of life, in particular, the self-centered and consumerist aspects.”

“For Ivan Klima, few things look as much like death as realized love. Each arrival of one of the two is always unique, but also definitive: it does not support repetition, does not allow recourse or promises an extension. It must support itself “by itself” – and it succeeds. Each of them is born, or is reborn, in the very moment in which it arises, always from nothing, from the darkness of non-being without past or future; it always starts from the beginning, exposing the superfluous character of past plots and the usefulness of future plots.


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