YouTube does not work: what to do when it happens?

You have been waiting for days to see the latest content from your favorite youtuber and when the expected moment arrives, when you know that he has already uploaded his video, you try to access YouTube and you cannot. The most important video platform in the technological world has gone down or it simply does not work for you . What can we do when this happens ? We will tell you.

The YouTube data is spectacular. It currently has more than 2 billion users worldwide and videos can be found in more than 80 languages, which means that it covers more than 95% of the world’s population.

The creators of content on the video platform by entering a fortune that some of them have extraordinary reach, with millions of fans who eagerly await each new video. To give you an idea of ​​how scandalous the figures are, here is a list of the 7 Spanish youtubers who earn the most .

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With all this we want to mean that YouTube is so present in our day to day, so part of our leisure, our information and, even, the solution of daily problems, that not being able to access it is a real nuisance .

It is very rare for YouTube to go down globally, although of course it can. Whatever the cause, we are going to explain what we have to take into account and what we can do when YouTube does not work.

Confirm that it does not work for you because it is really down

Often when we see that a page does not work we blame a technical failure of the web. However, this is not usually the case, at least on the pages with the most traffic such as YouTube. It usually happens that we are the ones who have a connection failure or similar.

But, sometimes, also large websites like YouTube collapse, either all over the world, or only in certain regions. In this case, we have a very simple way to find out. As simple as entering another website that provides detailed information on whether the main pages or social networks are down. This website is called Downdetector .

Downdetector shows us the reports of problems in a timeline that reaches the current moment. In addition, the web consults the different social networks and servers, which will allow us to know if we have the problem.

Another formula to confirm that YouTube is down is to take a look at the main social networks, Twitter or Facebook , for example. Twitter users are usually quite quick to indicate in their publications that there have been drops in the large platforms.

You just have to go to the search engine for the social network you have chosen and put “YouTube down” . If it really is, many other users will ask questions about it or will indicate it in real time.

This formula also helps you to discover if a general failure is occurring in any of the main websites or social networks. Here we show you, for example, how to know if Facebook is down .

Web: Downdetector

Check your connection

One of the most common causes of YouTube not working is related to your own connection. If you are at home or in a place with WiFi, check that there has not been a connection failure and that the network is working properly . If not, note that a cable has not been disconnected and, if you do not see anything unusual, call the technical service of the operator you have hired.

If what happens to you is that you cannot access YouTube from your mobile phone, first check if you have enough coverage , since sometimes the video platform may not load if we are in spaces without much coverage.

If everything is fine in that regard, there may be a problem associated with mobile data . Check that you have data left on your rate and, if so, try disconnecting and reconnecting the mobile data or putting the smartphone in airplane mode and returning to normal mode in a short time.

Clear cache and data

This is often one of the most common problems that causes platforms such as YouTube to not work properly on our smartphone or computer. A good way to try to get things back to normal is to clear the cache and data stored in the YouTube app. The steps to do it are different from the mobile phone or from the computer.

Clear data and cache on your computer

  • At the top right of your browser, click on the three vertical dots . Once there, click on the Settings section .
  • You will enter a new screen. In it, access the Privacy and Security section .
  • Click on the first option you come across: Clear browsing data .
  • Once there, and entering Advanced Settings, it will give you the opportunity to choose to delete cookies or cached Files and images among others.

Clear data and cache on mobile

  • Access the Settings section .
  • Once inside, click Applications .
  • Go to Manage applications .
  • Once inside, search YouTube. At the bottom right you will find the option to Clear data . Click on it.

Contact YouTube directly

If all of the above solutions have not worked and you continue to be unable to access your favorite YouTube channels, we have no choice but to speak directly with the company. There are several contact channels where you can offer us more information about the cause of the service failure and try to enjoy the rich content of the most important of the video platforms again.

By following a few steps you have the possibility to report the problem directly and wait for a response from YouTube. To do this you have to follow a few steps.

  • Once you are on the YouTube website, click on your profile photo and click on the Send suggestions section .
  • There you will get a kind of chat. At the top you can write the text in which you describe what is happening to you . To give more details in the explanation, you also have the option of attaching a screenshot.
  • Once you have described your problem, you just have to send and wait for the response from YouTube.

YouTube also offers you a help center where you can see a very complete list of the most common problems associated with playing videos on the platform and the actions that will help you solve them in principle.

In case the problem persists and YouTube is still down for you, we can write an email to the company’s general contact email, which is the following: .

Web: YouTube Help Center

YouTube is today one of the most important pieces of entertainment gear on the Internet, without forgetting that many people also depend on their services in their profession. Therefore, finding that it does not work , either due to a general fall or a failure of our device, is a significant annoyance, so it is always important to know what to do in these cases.


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