You Want Qualities Of A Good English Teacher

Teaching is both a science and an art because the qualities of a good English Teacher require sensitivity to the needs, interests and progress of the students, sympathetic personal relationship and skills in working with children and adults.It is perhaps needless to point out that the English teacher’s personal quality and equipment are of utmost importance in this kind of teaching. There is no room for dull, mechanical teaching at any stage.

Here are some Maxims which are good for Every English Teacher.

To Understand the Child

The English teacher should try to understand the personality of each child. Nothing is more conducive to building up good human relations than accepting that each person he or she, a child of a man or woman has a personality that has to be respected. Much of good discipline in and outside class-room resolves into a matter of good behavior and respect for each other. If the teacher is courteous and polite, has regard for every student, realizes his sensitiveness and self-consciousness, respects his rights as an individual, he is building up that rapport between himself and his students that will produce the necessary emotional climate in the class-room in which good teaching and a learning will accrue.

The English Teacher should Keep an Open Mind

What is needed foremost in the English teacher is his keeping an open mind. He must not be dogmatic or fanatical in his views nor must he be impervious to new facts and ideas as they are thrown up by modern research. He must keep abreast of recent scholarly contributions that have .been well reviewed in the press, or, if that is not always found possible, he must get his head-master to invest in standard books that embody the results of modern research. In short, he must not allow his mind to grow sterile but keep it vigorous and young, constantly fed on fresh material.

What We Should Know About Qualities Of A Good English Teacher

To Create a Sense of Humor:

A sense of humor goes a long way to make teaching successful. Enjoy child-like pranks and do not keep a “long face” in the classroom. Let children feel that they are close to you. Let them feel free to ask you any question.

To Develop a Faith in the Goodness of Children

“A teacher is not a policeman and should not be unduly suspicious; on the other hand, fairness to the honest student demands oversight on the part of the teacher. No matter how suspicious you may be, say nothing until you have a proof. If you give a person enough rope, he will hang himself, you know, and you must not run the risk of treating a pupil unfairly.”

Knowledge of English Language

In the case of an English teacher, if his own hold over the language is poor, he cannot help his students acquire proficiency in the language. Learning a language involves acquisition of a great many skills and habits, and if the teacher himself is deficient, he cannot enable his students to acquire them. Much of the failure in reaching the necessary standard in English- teaching in our country is due to the fact that we do not have well-qualified teachers.

Knowledge of Methods of Teaching English

If a person has a good command on his subject, but does not know how to adapt and organize it for different students of different levels he would not be a good teacher. Teaching is an art and success in it is achieved through good training and good practice. A teacher of English, like teachers of all other subjects, must have the necessary insight into the problems of teaching, and his training and experience should provide him with the necessary procedures through which he can deal with them.

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