Yandex is the most prominent search engine in Russia

Yandex  is like an aching rag for Google . In the 2016 US election, there were many allegations against Google and those allegations were made for alleged activities done by Russia. Google is not as dominant in Russia as it is in India. Now the latest news is that Russia’s largest IT company Yandex has taken its lead on Android mobile phones in Russia. Yandex is not only a popular search engine in Russia, but it is also competing with Google on many fronts.


Yandex was founded in 1997 by Arcady Voloz. In 2011, the company raised $ 1.3 billion in investment through its IPO, which was only $ 1.4 billion less than Google’s IPO. Just as Google is expanding the scope of its company rapidly, Yandex is also expanding. Yandex is not only a search engine, but it also runs Yandex taxis in Russia and is also working on a driverless car project. Apart from this, Yandex is also working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Translation.

Only a few weeks ago, news came that Yandex had taken over Android mobile phone more than Google. In Russia, 49.06 percent is on Google, while Yandex is on 49.54 percent phones. 1 year ago this figure was in favor of Google and there was a 16 percent difference between the two. Yandex increased its dominance in just 1 year.


Yandex does not think of doing business all over the world like Google, it wants to limit itself to Russia, but the scope of its services is becoming wider than Google. Yandex has decided that it will not compete against Google globally. Instead, the company has focused its attention on the Russian market. Many old Google employees and executives are working in Yandex. Yandex has created systems of translation that work far more effectively than Google.

If you consider Google as the only company globally then it will be your mistake. Google is in most countries of the world, but China, Russia, Japan, Germany etc. have built their own search engines and they are also doing great work.


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