Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cheats and Guide for PC, PS5 and XSX

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has been achieving such a niche video game since the third installment of Yakuza to record good sales figures . The work carried out by this team of developers is commendable, since they manage to make a not-so-hackneyed subject in the video game sector enthuse even those who have never delved into it before.


  1. Completing Chapter 1
  2. Side missions
  3. How to make money fast

With the eighth game in the main saga, known as Like a Dragon, the studio has given everything it is capable of. The result is fabulous: a campaign mode that lasts around fifty hours , as well as a gameplay that hooks from the first game. Precisely if you start from scratch, the following tricks will come in handy, as well as the steps in our guide that we will be describing.

Completing Chapter 1

Entering the Yakuza saga for the first time is not a piece of cake. The first episode will show you this, although the step-by-step guide shouldn’t be too difficult for you. The chapter takes place in Kamurocho, a region of Tokyo .

The first thing you will have to do is chase down a boss, known by the name of Hirotaka Ushio. Don’t worry, his level is 2, so it won’t be a challenge to defeat him after you’ve hunted him down .

Even so, the persecution is somewhat complex. Various obstacles will appear. Avoid them by anticipating them. Remember to press the button to deal with the large number of pedestrians who will make your life impossible by getting in the way.

The confrontation with Hirotaka is more of a tutorial of sorts . You will learn to use the button in order not only to launch attacks, but also counterattacks.

Then you must go to Snack Street, specifically to the location of Michiyomoto. Then head to Togenkyo. Several enemies will be waiting for you in a kind of tobacconist where tobacco is sold . Take care of crushing them.

Right after, go to the third park, a purely Japanese location where another easy-to-defeat boss will be waiting for you . This is Koji Hiratsuka, also level 2.

Again you will be facing a small tutorial with which you will learn to take advantage of your extreme skills . Specifically, he uses the one known as ‘Full Body Punch’. This will prevent the enemy, with his hammer, from damaging you the least.

After doing so, go to your apartment by taxi. Then you can go to the cabaret club in order to find Yumeno . Later go to the theater square to have a meeting with the character of Mitsuo, having to choose the option ‘Return’.

In the same location, take care of finding the Peking Duck. Right there you will have a fight with Gorotsuki , who will not put up much resistance. Kill him and now head to Nakamichi Street, specifically to Arakawa’s office.

Several members belonging to the Sakaki group will welcome you as they know: with a clean blow. Make sure to show them who’s boss and go to Tenkaichi Street. When you enter the Akaushimaru store, the first episode will be over .

Side missions

Yakuza has got used to gamers to provide them with huge amounts of secondary missions. Like a Dragon could not be less. If you intend to do them all, you will multiply the duration of the video game by two .

An essential step in the guide is precisely to carry them out one hundred percent. And it is that beyond finding out aspects of the story that you will only know if you finish them, you will also get some specific trophies whose unlocking will give you a lot of merit as a player.

We refer mainly to the Stories to Tell, Stories to Live and Stories from the Streets trophies. Respectively they invite you to complete 10, 20 and 40 missions that move away from the main plot.

Keep in mind that, despite being bronze trophies, they are essential to obtain Platinum , which requires unlocking each achievement available in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

How to make money fast

The economic factor has always been quite important in this saga. The eighth installment explodes more if the need to get money fits . There are multiple methods to obtain it, although not all of them are very fast. In our guide we have compiled those that carry great speed.

Appreciate putting them into practice from the beginning. And it is that otherwise you will not be able to continue with the game when you reach the twelfth chapter, in which you will be forced to have done with three million yen .

The side missions that pay you generously are available from the start of the campaign mode. Make sure you do them. From time to time the rewards will also be items .

Thus we come to the cataloged by the experts in Yakuza: Like a Dragon as the best method to get money very quickly. It basically boils down to going to the pawnshop to sell all the objects that you have collected during the course of the game.

In general, this business has good purchase prices. He will pay you quite a bit for most items you give him, especially if you get them in the sewers dungeon. It is not accessible from the beginning of the game, but when you can get into it you will get a huge loot .

Go through each section carefully, looking not only for the objects themselves, but also for the various safes . In case you go through too much trouble, it will mean that you are on a floor whose minimum level is higher than the one you currently have, so go down as long as the protagonist does not die before so many enemies who will come after you.


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