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MOBAs are generally quite difficult, but the opposite happens with Heroes of the Storm. We are facing a video game whose difficulty curve has been adjusted to the millimeter, facilitating access to it for all kinds of users : from gamers very accustomed to this genre to beginners.


  1. The best way to progress in the game
  2. Try all the heroes
  3. Choose skills depending on the situation
  4. Pressure opponents

Of course, there is something that this title does not get rid of, as it happens with other similar games. Indeed, we are talking about a very high level of competitiveness . Do you also want to win the games with your team? Then feel free to apply these tricks.

The best way to progress in the game

Although compared to other MOBAs this one is more affordable, you will make mistakes almost without realizing it. Some of them will result in you dying on the battlefield, although the casualties are perfectly remediable .

It is important that you realize this. To this end, visualize each repetition that the game itself offers you when someone kills you. The new perspective may allow you to appreciate in great detail the failure you have had.

Thanks to this, it will always remain in your memory and you will know that, afterwards, you will not have to make the same mistake again. You also learn from failures , and more so in a title like Heroes of the Storm.

Little by little you will progress and you should not take long to reach level 10 . This is the most important of all, as it gives you access to ultimate abilities that display enormous power.

Try all the heroes

In this game the champions, also known as heroes, belong to several different categories : support, specialist, assassin and warrior. Surely the last two are the ones that most attract your attention and you want to focus on a character that belongs to any of them.

Do not get carried away by tastes or preferences, but above all if you feel comfortable with the hero in question . The category to which it belongs should matter depending on what types of champions the rest of your team members have chosen, especially if your decision is the last one, having chosen them previously.

So a good trick is to test all the heroes that are included in Heroes of the Storm. It will not take long for you to realize that some of them are perfectly adapted to your style of play, be it more offensive or defensive.

Therefore, you should show a predilection for one for each category. In this way, when the game starts and you have to select depending on the balance of your own team , you will always have an ideal champion to face the situation.

Precisely the game itself invites you to do so with the missions that are renewed every day. Some of them have to be carried out by certain specific characters, so you will have to try them all to get the rewards that will be assigned to you.

Choose skills depending on the situation

When consulting content about MOBAs it is common that certain talents are recommended in particular. However, the truth is that all of them can be very useful. The best thing is that you find out yourself which is the ideal one based on various factors that we will detail below.

The first thing to take into account are the characteristics of the selected champion . Also assess which champions are part of your team. Depending on whether or not it is balanced, you may be better off going for certain talents.

Of course, knowing how to analyze the opposing team is crucial . At the same time, don’t forget to take a look at the map before starting the game. Is it small or large? It should influence your decision, as some talents are not useful in very large scenarios, and vice versa.

Pressure opponents

There are several methods to besiege your enemies, beyond launching attacks on them. You can even get it indirectly . One of the best ones is simply summed up in taking certain objectives, specifically those known as Mercenary Camps.

This action represents an increase in experience that your entire team will later appreciate. As if that were not enough, a series of henchmen will go after the players of the other group, transferring a great pressure from which you can take advantage of.


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