10 Xiaomi Home Products You Must Buy

Xiaomi is not just a brand of smartphones , but a real conglomerate that combines the production of goods of various kinds. This company produces everything from cloth slippers to advanced robots. Therefore, whatever you are looking for, if you attribute the Xiaomi brand to the name of this thing, then you are guaranteed to find what you need. I myself really love such experiments, so from time to time I come across various pieces produced by Xiaomi or one of its sub-brands. I share the coolest ones with you.

This is a spice grinder from Xiaomi that works automatically

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  • 1Xiaomi Kitchen Timer
  • 2Xiaomi Automatic Pepper Grinder
  • 3Xiaomi Lithium Batteries
  • 4Xiaomi Vacuum Face Cleaner
  • 5Xiaomi Personal Care Kit

Xiaomi Kitchen Timer

Such a timer can be attached to a refrigerator or other surfaces thanks to a powerful magnet.

I hate wall clocks, so you will never see one in my house. They seem to me to be a relic of the past. However, in the kitchen, it is very important to know exactly the timing, especially when you cook something according to a strict recipe. In such cases, you cannot do without a timer. But after all, you will not grab your smartphone with dirty hands every time, even if you really need it. So, you need to take something more suitable for such situations. For example, the Xiaomi Mijia timer . No, just look at this handsome man.

Price: 600 rubles

Buy Xiaomi timer

Round case, glass front panel, LED screen, rotary bezel – in general, what you need in the kitchen. Time setting is done by scrolling the wheel around the timer. You can set both minutes and seconds, and after a preset time, the accessory will signal one of three available volume levels, which are set in advance. It is especially convenient that the timer has a magnetic mount on the back, so that it can be hung even on a refrigerator, even on a gas stove.

Xiaomi Automatic Pepper Grinder

I only use this mill to grind peppers, but I am not limiting you in any way.

I have not used ground pepper from bags for a long time, preferring to grind it myself before cooking. Previously, for this I had to use a wooden mill, which I bought either in Fix Price or in Auchan. But it was not very convenient, especially if you had to grind a lot of spices. And since I cook often, it was decided to purchase something automated. But what? Therefore, I took the advice from the first paragraph and found what I really needed – an automatic pepper grinder from Xiaomi .

Price: 1100 rubles

Pepper mill Xiaomi

The pepper mill is available in two versions: white and black. Which one to choose – decide for yourself, because from a functional point of view, they are absolutely the same. The mills are powered by 6 AA AA batteries, which will last for six months of daily use. The body of the accessory is plastic, pleasant to the touch, with a transparent glass at the bottom so that the contents of the mill can be seen. You just have to fill it, select the grind level and start using. And, in order not to miss, an LED-backlight is built into the lower part, illuminating the place where the spices hit.

Xiaomi Lithium Batteries

Take regular batteries once, don’t buy cheap alkaline batteries every week

Batteries are something that is bought in modern apartments with frightening frequency. Despite the fact that today almost all devices run on built-in rechargeable batteries, batteries are used in consoles and spice mills like the one we described above, and in other peripheral devices. But buying alkaline batteries once a month is quite expensive. Therefore, I suggest that you use lithium-type rechargeable batteries , which have a higher capacity than their counterparts.

Price: 517 rubles

Xiaomi batteries

I’m talking about Xiaomi Mijia batteries . They are sold in packs of 4. They are of type AA, and their total capacity is 2900 mAh . Yes, they are not worth three kopecks, but in general they are not higher than the market. The same durasellas, as far as I understand, are often even more expensive. And since they are made using lithium technology, they are guaranteed to last longer than ordinary alkaline batteries that you buy in the transition or from Rospechat kiosks. Therefore, take it, use it and do not worry that the TV remote control will die at the most inopportune moment.

Xiaomi Vacuum Face Cleaner

No, this is not what you thought. It’s a face cleansing thing

Caring for yourself and your skin has long ceased to be the fiefdom of the fair sex and gradually turned into something that can be completely called unisex. After all, no one wants to walk with pimples on their face and a nose that is darkened from black dots. No matter how clean you are and no matter how often you wash, this is a problem that invariably affects almost everyone. Another thing is that the majority does the wrong thing and begins to squeeze out all the neoplasms on the face, and in no case should it be done with dirty nails.

Price: 2290 rubles

Vacuum face cleaner

Better use the Xiaomi vacuum face cleaner . This is a special battery-powered device that has a hollow tip nozzle. It should be brought close to the face with acne, acne or acne and turned on. The gadget will create negative pressure and suck in the contents of the neoplasms. In fact, this is something like a crusher for acne and blackheads, with the only exception that, firstly, the device works completely automatically, and, secondly, it does it more accurately.

Xiaomi Personal Care Kit

Buy this set and look good

Well, in continuation of the topic of personal hygiene, perhaps let’s talk about special sets for men. After all, you have probably seen women’s cosmetic bags, palettes and other containers for storing beauty items. Yes, men traditionally require fewer personal care items, but this does not mean that they should not be at all. Must be. At least a basic set – wire cutters and ear sticks. But since, as they say, it is impossible to clean the ears with ordinary cotton swabs, because this provokes the formation of sulfur plugs, we will use another.

Price: 831 rubles

Personal care kit

If you are one of those who are afraid of sulfur plugs, you can purchase such a set from Xiaomi. It includes a stainless steel nail clipper with a file on the back and an ear cleaning kit. This is a special electric stick with attachments, one of which has the shape of a brush. It very effectively cleans the earwax out of the canal by trapping it with the villi rather than pushing it inward. The second nozzle has a built-in light bulb, thanks to which you can examine the state of the auditory canal if something suddenly went wrong.

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