XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Guide – New Mission Types

Detailed description of the new missions available in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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Expansion XCOM 2: War of the Chosen carefully “mixes up” the old storyline campaign and adds many different types of missions, in which you will have to direct your forces to destroy an alien threat. Sometimes you will kill new generals “Advent” or save comrades, being in captivity of this organization.

Often missions will be accompanied by some restrictions – in some cases, for example, the squad will be limited to two or three soldiers, or some bonuses will be awarded for passing with certain conditions.

There is a lot of useful information you need to know before taking part in such assignments. Many missions like to put sticks in the wheels of the player. For example, in “Silent Rescue”, breaking the prison door will raise the level of security, an alarm may be triggered, which will force you to completely retreat, since every enemy on the map will come for you. In some tasks, there will be new enemies from the Wanderers – a swarm of mutants, which is simply impossible to stop. These are just a few examples. Even the terror missions have been updated!

Mission Type – Silent Rescue

Missions from the Silent Rescue series will be unlocked after the Chosen have kidnapped one of your XCOM teammates. Use hidden actions to find your teammate, and if they complete successfully, then you will receive this task. During a mission of this type, all teammates will have one skill charge, allowing them to return to stealth mode.

Instead of a time limit, you have to deal with the level of security. It starts at “1” and will increase to “10” if you get caught. Breaking open a prisoner’s door also increases security. When you call for an evacuation, the security level instantly rises to “10”. Leave the location quickly, as endless reinforcements will begin to arrive.

In such tasks, you need to hide and wait for the guards to pass by.

Mission type – assassination

In Assassination missions, your XCOM team is tasked with destroying General Advent. This is an officer in a golden uniform, which is in a random location on the map. Instead of killing the first enemies you meet and leaving your disguise, the best place to start is to find General Advent.

When you leave the shelter and you are found, an evacuation point will appear on the map. After three turns, if the General of “Advent” is not destroyed, he will leave the location, and the mission will be failed.

Thus, you must remain stealthy until you find the general, and then ambush him. The Advent generals appear to be exactly the same as the officers, with the exception of a slightly larger supply of HP. Be prepared for the fact that it will take several attacks to completely destroy them. Skills that allow you to stun opponents will be especially useful here.

Mission type – storm shelter

As with previous versions of Terror Missions, the new missions require your XCOM team to rescue at least six civilians before Advent kills all 20 available on the map. To make a difference, resistance havens now contain guards.

In this mission, you do not start acting in disguise mode. Markers indicate the next available civilian group. “Advent” will always be primarily aimed at the Resistance – they will first try to kill armed Resistance soldiers, and only then get to the civilians.

The armed forces of the Resistance can really stand up for themselves. Depending on the intensity of the attack, you will find more or less members of the armed Resistance. You no longer need to save every group of civilians – instead, if the location is cleared of all enemies, the rest of the civilians will automatically be saved.

Mission type – sabotage

You need to plant explosives on the network device, but a limited amount of time is allocated for this. On the other hand, it can be increased by destroying nodes along the way. They will reveal the positions of your soldiers immediately after being destroyed, so be careful when opening fire. The chance of successfully hitting nodes is always 100%.


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