XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Faction Guide

A detailed guide in which we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each faction in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, their purpose and more

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Expansion XCOM 2: War of the Chosen presented fans of the famous series with three new factions at once (in fact, there are five of them, just three of them are neutral and potential allies). And today you will learn all about their abilities!

After the release of the global expansion War of the Chosen, the XCOM 2 universe has acquired new sources of threat. The world has been invaded by powerful opponents similar in strength to full-fledged bosses known as the Chosen. You will soon realize that these mutants are practically immortal. To hunt down alien Citadels and destroy the Chosen once and for all, you will need help.

The only way to end the Chosen is to make friends with the three factions that are neutral to you, but are fighting Advent. These are the Reapers, Templars and Intercessors. They will help you find the location of the Citadels and finally deal with the Chosen.

In our guide, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each faction, you will understand what bonuses this or that side gives.

The Reapers faction in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

The Reapers use a unique cloaking ability called Shadows, which allows them to remain invisible until they fire a sniper rifle. But even then, the probability of their detection by opponents is 50% (if the shots were accurate) or even zero if additional skills are used.


You can also use a combination of explosives and consistent sniper shots to get rid of opponents. Throw the Claymore at an enemy or vehicle and shoot at it from a distance for devastating damage. Of course, such an attack will reveal your position, but by that time most of the opponents will be dead.

If you like this stealthy approach, then the Reapers are the best choice. All of their abilities are described below, depending on their rank:

  • Recruit(private). “Shadow” allows you to effectively disguise yourself from opponents. “Claymore” – throw an explosive device at the enemy.
  • Corporal. “Remote Launch” allows you to detonate an explosive device at a distance, and “Blood Trail” – if the target was wounded this turn, the shots deal one more damage.
  • Sergeant. “Target tracking” (any unit that the Reaper sees will remain permanently visible) and “Shrapnel” (“Claymore” deals three more damage, and the explosion radius increases by one cell).
  • Lieutenant. “Silent Assassin” (kills with the “Vector” rifle do not increase the likelihood that the Reaper will come out of the shadows and be visible to enemies), “Madness” (kill with the “Claymore” introduces the Reaper in the “Shadow” mode) and “Needle” ( damage to armor for shots fired in the “Shadow” is two units higher).
  • Captain. “Sting” (a gunshot shot that keeps the Reaper in “Shadow”) and “Eater of Souls” (kiloshots increase the chance of crit by five points – maximum 20).
  • Major. “Highlands” (you can take an additional “Claymore”) and “Finishing off” (attacks the target until you run out of ammunition or it dies).
  • Colonel. “Self-propelled mine” (allows you to direct the “Claymore” at the enemy) and “Annihilation” (killing with “Finishing off”, you will continue to shoot at another enemy.

The Defenders Faction in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

The Advocates are a faction formed from a group of people who managed to escape from the clutches of Advent. These former agents are looking for a way to get revenge, and since they are also threatened by the Chosen, they will help you destroy them.


The Advocates are composed of soldiers using assault rifles and Ripper claws. The latter weapon not only gives them the ability to better move around firing positions, but also allows them to reach the enemy and inflict a huge amount of damage in melee, thanks to a unique ability.

If you like to shoot and swiftly move around the map, then think about using the fighters of the “Intercessors” faction more often in battle.

All of the Abilities and Skills of the Intercessors are described below:

  • Rookie. Marauder (standard shots do not end the turn, so after them you can move or even shoot twice in one turn), Judgment (use grapple to pull a humanoid target and inflict huge damage with a unique ability) and Grab (when shooting you get one extra action on the next turn).
  • Corporal. “Reflex” (if the target is injured this turn, then the shots inflict one more point of damage) and Total Combat (throw a grenade or use an item, which no longer leads to the end of the turn).
  • Sergeant. “Fury” (use the grappling hook to pull any enemy towards you and inflict damage with a unique skill) and “Target” (subsequent shots in the same turn guarantee +10 points to the chance of critical damage).
  • Lieutenant. “Scourge” (attack an enemy using an electric whip) and “Full throttle” (for each enemy killed this turn, you get two points to mobility).
  • Captain. “Smite” (free attacks by the “Rippers” of any enemy) and “Interrupt” (instead of automatic fire, take one action).
  • Major. Ambush (you can fire as many shots as there are action points left) and Reckoning (unlocks the Ripper slash attack).
  • Colonel. “Manual Driving” (the cooldown of all abilities is reduced by one unit), “War Lord” (after each enemy’s turn in sight, you make your turn) and “Verdict” (when you attack an enemy, that him panic).

The Templars faction in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Templars are psionic soldiers who appeared during the Enemy Unknown era . These are probably the most difficult allies.


The main weapon of the Templars is the sword. They are imbued with psionic energy and are arguably the best looking that you’ve seen in the series before. This means that the templar soldier will mostly fight in close combat, which requires quite a bit of defensive action.

Whether you want to put more energy into the destructive attacks of the Templars, or you want to focus on defense, in any case, you need “focus”. This is a special resource that can be obtained by destroying opponents. It is used to improve all other Templar skills.

Let’s list the abilities of fighters of the “Templar” class:

  • Rookie. Sundering (make a melee attack that can stun or disorient the target), Volt (a psionic attack that deals little damage but gains focus) and Focus (increases focus during missions, increasing the attributes, damage and effectiveness of the rest skills).
  • Corporal. Parry (after an attack with Sunder, prevents all damage from the next attack instead of moving), Push (targets hit by Volt are easier to attack by increasing the squad’s accuracy against them by 15 units) and Empowerment ( mark a specific target with a psionic marker to increase damage dealt to it by 33%).
  • Sergeant. Reload (Split attack gains 33% chance of generating focus), Pillar (Summons a Pillar of Energy that acts as a high cover) and Stun Strike (Hit the enemy with psionic force, knocking them back in the direction of the attack ).
  • Lieutenant. “Reflection” (when the templar has focus, then there is a chance to dodge incoming shots) and “Channel” (when the enemy dies, he can leave psionic energy that can be collected to gain focus).
  • Captain. “Reflection” (if you have two or more units of focus, then there is a chance to reflect enemy shots towards the attacker), “Invert” (exchange of positions with an enemy unit) and “Deep focus” (the maximum focus level increases to the third).
  • Major. “Arctic Wave” (“Sundering” generates psionic energy in the direction of attack) and “Substitution” (exchange of positions in the team).
  • Colonel. Ionized Storm (summons lightning to strike all nearby enemies), Empty Channel (traps a humanoid in their psionic prison, immobilizing him for several actions and pumping his health) and Ghost (create a double from the corpse of a fallen humanoid) …


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