Wutai, side quest (Yuffie) – Final Fantasy VII, complete guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

Now we head to an optional area to continue our story from Nibelheim advancing Yuffie’s story . To get there we need the Potrillo plane , because with it we can fly above the shallow waters of the sea. Thanks to the new vehicle we headed to the southern part of the island to the left of the map. The earth has a dark color and when we disembark we will see a scene with Yuffie after which we will discover that he has stolen all the matter that we were carrying. Therefore, while we cross the bridges that lead to the city of Wutai , we can complicate our work because we will not be able to use magic or summons.


Once inside the town we will see that Yuffie continues to escape. Therefore, we follow it through the place until we reach its second part, having crossed the bridges and heading towards the 5-story pagoda. There we enter the first house on the right to rest. In that room we observe the white panel with a kanji hanging on the wall to go to the other side and obtain ” Magical Shuriken ” from a chest.

Without leaving the building we advance to the right side to find a sleeping man. We talk to him until he wakes up and it won’t take long for Yuffie to appear. After the scene we entered the room below and looked at the lower wall to discover another secret passage that leads us to another chest with a “Hairpin” inside.

After that we return to the previous part of the town and enter the big house on the left (El Paraíso de las Tortugas) to talk to the Turks who are sitting there. After that we go to the item shop (near the save point) and open the chest to get the item “PM Absorption” and Yuffie appears to steal it. Our next step is to go to the first house to the right of the village, examine the screen and see Yuffie. We do the same with a vase located at the left entrance of the Turtle Paradise.

We will see a scene and we will have to follow Yuffie to the basement of his house. Before talking to her we read the poster on the right wall next to the door opening: the sixth story of the Turtle Paradise. After that we talk to her and we must operate the lever at the back of the room. In our case we found a bug here and that is that we could not activate it, so we had to stand in front of the levers but looking at our colleagues to be able to do it.

Whichever we operate a cage will fall and catch us. After the conversation, we activate the lever again and leave the house to go to the second part of the town (where the 5-story pagoda) to be able to activate a Gong on the left. By touching it, the door at the bottom of the structure will be unlocked and we can access to meet Yuffie once again. We move forward, open the chests, and fight the Shinra soldiers. Upon defeating them we must return to the center of the town to go to the north: the mountains carved with Buddhas. Before that, we recommend you save the game and bring Barett to the team in order to use his “Hallucin ‘limit.” against the boss who is nearby. Once ready, we continue on until we find our enemy and his “pet”.

Boss: Rapps

As you know, we don’t have our materials yet, so combat can be complicated if we don’t use our recovery items well. In addition, the enemy dragon can attack us with very damaging movements of the wind, so the key is to use Barett’s second limit as soon as possible based on taking all the PM away from him so that he cannot use said attack. , since the enemy’s life bar is not too big.

When we beat him we will see some scenes and we will be able to access the weapons store and go to the Wutai pagoda to overcome its five floors and thus get the limit 4 of Yuffie and the invocation Leviathan . Once the place is completed we can continue the main adventure to find the Cornerstone .


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