How to Write a Letter Salutation (Greetings Opening in English Letter

An opening greeting or salutation is common in a letter. Every letter, whatever its type, always requires an opening greeting. The opening greeting acts as the earliest complement of a letter, be it a personal letter, or a commercial letter.

So, what is an opening greeting? Or what is known in English as salutation ? The greeting or salutation is a mistake addressed to the reader of the letter, whose name is listed on the mailing address.

This opening greeting serves to show the relationship between the letter writer and the letter reader. The relationship, can be in the form of official or informal relations. The form of this relationship can also be seen from how the letter opening greetings are conveyed.

The standard for writing greetings in English letters and letters in Indonesian is basically the same. It’s just that, in terms of different languages.

This time, we will discuss how to write an opening greeting in an English trade letter. There are several forms of salutation in English commercial letters, both official and informal.

The use of this greeting must also be adjusted to the relationship between the sender of the letter to the person or company the letter was sent to. In addition, there are also two styles that can be followed, namely British style or American style .

To make it clearer about how to use greetings in English, here are some provisions and examples that can be considered.

Chapter List 

1 # Letter intended for a particular person in a company

This type of letter, for example, if addressed to only: Head of Personnel, or Marketing Manager, or Head of the Procurement, and others, which are individuals representing the company.

The opening greeting used:

In British style :

  1. Dear Sir,
  2. Dear Madame

In American style :

  1. Dear Sir,
  2. Gentlemen,

2 # If the letter is addressed to the company or to more than one person

So, here’s the writing, in British style :

  1. Dear Sirs,
  2. Dear Mesdames,

In American style :


3 # If the letter is addressed to someone who has known his name in a company

Writing in the British style :

  1. Dear Mr. George,
  2. Dear Mrs. Hudson,

Writing in American style :

  1. Dear Mr. George,
  2. Dear Mrs. Hudson,

After writing the letter opening greeting section, then immediately enter the Body of the letter or the contents of the letter. In an English letter, the contents of the letter are divided into three main sections namely:

  1. Opening paragraph
  2. Message of the letter
  3. Closing paragraph

For an explanation of how to create letter content in English, from opening paragraphs to closing paragraphs, are explained in a separate article

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