How to write content for quality business communication?

The use of the Internet has democratized business communication. It is no longer necessary to have a large budget or a communication team, all companies can do communication . Even with a very small investment you can achieve interesting goals thanks to the network. Getting the public to notice and talk about a product, brand or business project is no longer linked to size.

However, for the media and journalists to be really interested in what a company does, quality information must be offered. Journalists read a small percentage of the press releases they receive . This is because on many occasions the information is missing a hook, you have to be newsworthy and not fall for advertising.

To create quality information for business communication, we recommend taking the following points into account:

Escape the sales language

Businesses are primarily engaged in selling making it easy to fall into advertising slogans when we think of business messaging. But, in business communication, you have to avoid advertising and bet on information. Both consumers and the media and journalists shy away from the messages they directly sell, as that is the function of the ads. We must be creative and offer information of interest.

Value the information

There is a lot of business news that is interesting internally but does not have great value abroad. Investing in a new website or a contest on social networks may work as news on certain channels but is of no interest to journalists, for example. You have to do an exercise and evaluate the information to see what channels it can work on. For example, for something to be news for the media it must be novel, innovative or different, that is, it should not be repeated almost daily in hundreds of other companies.

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Quality better than quantity

Achieving greater visibility is a challenge for companies that is based on quality and not quantity. Posting more on networks or launching more press releases will not help reach more consumers. It is advisable to focus on offering quality and attractive content that can really go viral or attract the media. If we send very followed press releases or fill the Facebook wall of our followers with publications, what we get is to be tiresome and a certain rejection.

Content of interest

To offer relevant and quality content the best value that interests our target. Both the press releases and the publications on social networks of a company must make a gap among all the others; To achieve this we must offer something different, innovative and of interest.

Channel Selection

Posting the same in all channels is a bad practice, unfortunately very widespread on social networks. Doing an analysis of the messages that we want to transmit, seeing the objectives that we want to achieve and adapting it to the different channels will help us achieve success. Each channel has its own characteristics and we must adapt to it.


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