How to write a birthday message?

Who has never been speechless when trying to write a birthday message to a loved one?

When it is the birthday of someone special to us, we always want to declare our affection in the best possible way, but not everyone has the ability to describe the feelings.

Therefore, we have separated some tips to perform this type of tribute. It is free to use creativity to your advantage. Look:

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  • How to write a birthday message?
    • Be sincere
    • Be creative
    • Tell your stories together
    • Be funny
    • Be poetic
    • Give thanks
    • Wish good things
    • Make yourself available
    • Send photos
    • Congratulate
  • Birthday messages for Whatsapp
    • Celebrate birthday, celebrate life
    • For birthday of the day
    • A special day with those you love
    • May happiness always accompany you
    • May it be an unforgettable day
    • Congratulations and a happy birthday
    • That completes many years of life
    • Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday message for friend
    • Message to special friend
    • Happy Birthday, dear friend!
    • I looked for a special friend
    • A friend
    • A special day for my special friend

How to write a birthday message?

Be sincere

First of all, you need to be sincere about your feelings, after all, true friendships are based on transparency. So, talk about how you feel, stating how much you like him and how important he is to you.

Be creative

Escape the generic, don’t just send a “congratulations, all the best”. For that, you just need to be yourself. Saying good things about the person and remembering moments they spent together is a good thing.

Tell your stories together

To make your text more intimate, how about remembering some of your stories? Surely you have already experienced a funny or unforgettable situation, haven’t you? Not to mention that it is fun to remember these memorable moments.

Be funny

You can use a casual tone in your messages. Use creativity to your advantage when it comes to remembering “internal jokes” or situations that you lived together.

Be poetic

Poetry has the potential to delight and thrill many. If you are skilled with this type of text, how about trying it on a message to a loved one?

Give thanks

How about thanking you for having such a special person in your life? Thanks are also valid for difficult situations that you have been through together.

Wish good things

Of course, on such a special day you should wish the birthday boy good things. Simple things can be said like love, luck and even patience, career success and, of course, money, light, joy and peace. It is a show of affection that. without a doubt, it makes anyone happy.

Make yourself available

Friend who is friend is present at all times, whether in conquests or in difficult situations. This is very important to say so that people are aware of your support and are very happy.

Send photos

With all the stories together it is clear that you have photos or videos that can be sent on that occasion, right? Abuse funny photos and videos of memorable occasions.


Finally, congratulate the birthday boy not only for the date but also for the good, kind and caring person he is. Positive things should always be remembered, after all who doesn’t like to hear compliments ?!

Birthday messages for Whatsapp

For you to be inspired, we have some examples of messages to send on Whatsapp to loved birthdays.

Celebrate birthday, celebrate life

Life is wonderful and living is a privilege, so celebrating a birthday should always be a cause for joy and gratitude. Congratulations, best wishes and celebrate in style another year of life!

For birthday of the day

Today someone very special
is completing his birthday
and that’s why I leave my best wishes
for happiness and joy,
and I wish this one to be
the best of all days.
Have fun and enjoy this
date, because the fact that someone as
fantastic as you were born
is already a reason to party. Congratulations!

A special day with those you love

I hope that today you will celebrate your special day with those you love most, and that your heart will warm up with all the love you receive. Happy Birthday!

May happiness always accompany you

Happy Birthday! May happiness always accompany you, not only today, but every day of your life.

May it be an unforgettable day

Happy Birthday!  May it be an unforgettable day and the beginning of a new year in your life full of happiness and many achievements.

Congratulations and a happy birthday

You have lived many dreams, but you still have many more to fulfill. I wish many happy years of life, success, health and love. Congratulations and a happy birthday!

That completes many years of life

Today is your special day
And I hope you will be blessed
With joy, affection and lots of celebration.

Happy Birthday!

May you complete many years of life
Always in great health,
Love, peace and success!

Birthday message for friend

See examples of messages to send to special friends :

Message to special friend

For this very special day I wish I could express myself with the most beautiful words in the universe and with them say how special you are. But the truth is that there are no words that are perfect enough and capable of demonstrating all their qualities. Happy Birthday friend!

You are beautiful, inside and out, sincere, cheerful and kind. You are a friend as there is no equal. These words were chosen for my affection and all the friendship I feel for you. The same affection that inspires me to wish you all the happiness in the world, today and always.

Keep being who you are, because I love you that way, but know that if you ever change, I will continue to love you. Congratulations, my special friend!

Happy Birthday, dear friend!

Friendship is not something that is written on a paper, as the paper can be torn. It is also not something that can be written on a stone, because even a stone can break. But it’s written on a person’s heart, and it stays there forever. I wish you a happy birthday and many blessings in your life, my friend!

I looked for a special friend

I looked for a friend
who always tells me the truth,
who does not hide my defects,
who does not despise my tears!

A friend

whose presence brings joy,
whose silence conveys peace,
whose listening inspires confidence,
whose memory instills courage.

A friend
to whom I can say: sorry!
Once, twice, three times.

A friend
who is neither a teacher
nor a disciple, but a companion,
with whom I can walk
towards infinity at any time.

A friend
who keeps her privacy
without hiding her tears.

A friend
does not say good morning at dawn ,
but opens her heart
with a lovely smile.

A friend
who believes in friendship and lives it as
a bold achievement of freedom.
Whose friendship is sweet,
soft and fragrant oil ,
extracted from the bitter fruit
of a thorny tree.

A friend
who is not concerned
with giving or receiving,
but who is able to share.

simple, sincere, natural friend,
able to cry,
but above all to smile.

A friend
who is a reflection
of God’s goodness.

I looked for a special friend
and found you!
Happy Birthday!

A special day for my special friend

Beautiful friend, today is your day, a more than special and happy day in the life of everyone who is happy to live with you. I wouldn’t even need to wish you a happy birthday, because for people like you the day when you turn years couldn’t be different, it’s always a party day!

Today, you have a birthday and I hope that the day already congratulates you with a beautiful smile from the sun coming through your window, so that you can feel the grace of life and how it reveals itself happy in the little things.

I wish that throughout your day, many friends and family will remember you, and that they will say beautiful words to you, saying how important and special you are, and how they wish you happiness. And I hope that at night, you can be surrounded by the people you love, friends and loved ones, and receive lots of hugs and kisses, and endless caresses.

I also want life to give you all the gifts you want, and to give you a lot of strength and health to fight for what you believe will make you happy. Congratulations and best wishes today and always!


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