WRC 9 Review for Nintendo Switch

RC 9, the popular rally game, finally arrives on Nintendo Switch: let’s find out, with this technical review, its strengths along with some weaknesses

Finally, after a few months of waiting compared to the fixed console version, WRC 9 was also released in a portable version for the hybrid console from Nintendo . Fresh from mostly positive judgments so far, the brand is experiencing a moment of splendor, this also thanks to the now consolidated experience of the French development team Kylotonn and the publisher Nacon. Having already analyzed in detail and reviewed the basic version and the enhanced version for the next gen of WRC 9 , today we want to offer you this review, mostly technical, of the version for Nintendo Switch, seeing how it behaves compared to the counterpart for the fixed console.

A well-established series

As mentioned before, the consolidated experience of the development team has led to the creation of increasingly solid games, and therefore increasingly appreciated by the fandom. A long way has been done since 2015, the year in which Kylotonn was assigned the reins of this series, and the results to date can be said to be at least satisfactory. In addition to all the cars and tracks present in the base game, WRC 9 for Nintendo Switch also has all the additional features that were introduced for the next gen: here are the additional tracks, in addition to the tracks in Kenya, Japan and New Zealand . of the Rally of Finland , together with the new couple formed by Hayden Paddon and co-driver John Kennard.

Another extra feature is the photo mode , which, although it may be perhaps obsolete according to some as regards the version for Switch, will still allow you to make beautiful shots to save on your console. Clearly, the WRC, WRC 2, WRC 3, WRC Junior cars and also some “Legends” cars linked to the world of rally are always present . Let’s proceed, at this point, with the actual review of WRC 9 for Switch, so that we can analyze all the details.

Game Modes – WRC 9 Review for Nintendo Switch

As already anticipated, the features and game modes are almost identical to the fixed console counterpart, except for a few small shortcomings. In practice, we will have both the ability to play individual races more calmly (without having to spend too much time) with the Quick Match and Weekly Challenges modes , and the ability to face longer-term challenges through Career and Season . Needless to say, these last two modes are the highlight of the WRC 9 experience.

If in the Career , already introduced in the last chapter of the series, we will have the opportunity to participate in the World Rally Championship, also having to manage our team properly, Season looks like a slightly leaner version: we will no longer need to manage the our team, and therefore we will simply run in individual rallies. The absence of an online multiplayer mode and the split screen makes it clearly impossible to challenge other players, even if we will still have the opportunity to interact with them: in fact, the presence of the Club mode is confirmed , which will allow us to create customized leagues or participate in those created by other players .

Gameplay and Stability – WRC 9 Review for Nintendo Switch

So, pad (or joy-con) in hand, how does the game fare? What is it like, once you’ve taken control of the car, to start racing and drifting around the World Rally Championship circuits? Speaking about it from a playability point of view, the judgment is generally positive : if the default settings of the controls are not to your liking, they will still be fully customizable. The game also runs at a frame rate of 30 frames per second, almost completely stable. Some dips in portable mode are to be noted, especially if you play with active atmospheric precipitation: this can be problematic, as these dips also go and reflect on the responsiveness of your commands, making it more difficult in some moments to properly control the car.

In addition to this, this version has no further problems regarding stability: there are very few bugs, and, although WRC 9 may be heavy (you can see it by how the console overheats after a game session), it does not crashes of any kind have been reported. So, having said that, we can move on to the next paragraph of this WRC 9 review for Switch, in which we will talk about the graphics sector.

Graphic Section – WRC 9 Review for Nintendo Switch

All the stability of such a heavy game has cost a lot from a graphical point of view. Not that graphics are the main focus, quite the contrary. Depending on the needs that a new player or a longtime fan may have, however, it should be noted how much the graphic quality drops drastically compared to the fixed console counterpart. The result is clearly more noticeable on large screens, but even in portable mode you can’t help but notice the results. Although the models of the individual cars are in fact pleasing to the eye, the quality of the image drops when we start looking at the surrounding environment. What made the difference was probably the very low quality of the textures first of all, visible above all by looking at the side sections of the runway.

On the other hand, taking into account the lighting, we can say that the quality of the shadows, which is also very low , contributes to the bad result: it, together with a low rendering distance , will give the impression of looking at a hardcover in case we decide to take a look at the view in the distance. There are clearly many other graphic features calibrated on low levels that contribute to the final result, from particle effects , to the density of the vegetation , but we will limit ourselves to talking about the main elements; in any case you can take a look yourself at the screenshots in this article.

Final Verdict

If you are passionate and, as far as newbies are concerned, do not fear a somewhat steep learning curve , WRC 9 is a game for you. Speaking of the Switch version of WRC 9 analyzed in this review, it is not without its strengths, quite the contrary. The main reason why someone may prefer this version to others, lies in the portability : as mentioned before, the experience will not be without problems, but the fact that it is almost always stable allows those who do not want or cannot play from one screen at home, to be able to enjoy it solidly.

But if portability is not what you are looking for, and if you have some other home console or a fairly powerful gaming PC , perhaps you should turn to those versions of the game there: the visual impact will be much better than what you would have. on Switch. As already mentioned in the other reviews, WRC 9 adapts to both arcade and simulation styles of play, following the needs of all users ; in all this, if you are looking for a simulation experience, all the more reason I think it is appropriate to turn to other versions of the title, as they are also characterized, in some cases, by a higher frame rate, capable of reaching 60 frames per second .


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