Worst Xiaomi smartphones. Consider when choosing

Xiaomi is enjoying the public’s sympathy in 2021 like no other vendor. Offers at nice prices wonderful devices with powerful hardware, interesting design.

I remembered those models that the company failed.

Xiaomi Mi3 (TD version)

It was offered in two versions. Featuring a quad-core Tegra 4 chip (clocked at 1.8GHz) from nVidia. The second turned out to be excellent – with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800. The rest of the components were pleasing. Unfortunately, nVidia has refused to cooperate. As a result, the TD version did not adapt to the fresh system, and its body was very hot.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

The company called it the best smartphone in the world. With an eight-core Snapdragon 810 (1.5 GHz), four gigabytes of RAM. The pictures taken by the camera of the model were not pleasing in low light. During games or prolonged viewing of video, the metal of the case warmed up. Users of the device weren’t happy with its battery.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

An excellent screen with a significant drawback. Did not provide protection against damage. Therefore, the glass covering the display is not scratch resistant. Sometimes the model upset users with a black screen. Discharged quickly. Doesn’t support NFC.

Xiaomi Mi 4C

The matte plastic was soft to the touch. It was easy to leave greasy stains on it. Color rendition is far from ideal, most colors are oversaturated.

Xiaomi Mi4S

Slippery body. Could easily slip off the windowsill or sofa. To the right of the USB Type-C connector is a loud speaker. Unfortunately, the sound is distorted and harsh, especially at high volumes. No optical image stabilization. It doesn’t matter if I photographed in low light.

Xiaomi Mi Max

Not pleased with the build quality. Sagged under slight pressure. The side cones at the back did not allow the model to sit comfortably in the hand. It was clearly audible how the phone squeaks when held. It is possible that the reason was the plastic covers in the lower and upper parts of the device, under which the antennas were probably located.

Note that each of the models considered is not a failure in the usual sense. Some of them were important steps towards success and helped the company become the favorite brand of millions.

Models in the past, but conclusions are drawn

I hope that the above list will help you when buying a phone (and not only from Xiaomi) to pay attention not only to the advantages, but also disadvantages. They may be invisible in the first moments, but then they will disappoint. After all, the device will have to be used not only in ideal conditions.

A device that creaks and discharges quickly will not bring joy. And the original design will not correct the impression.

Still have other impressions of the reviewed devices? Share in the comments and remember that the qualities of the phone that are important to one user do not play any role for another.


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