World Television Day: Why and when World Television Day is celebrated, know the role and impact too

My TV is priceless, opening the world Channel one thousand, its life without waste. In this era of information revolution, television has proved to be a great medium in bringing radical changes in human life. Today, the whole world is dominated by television. It is not only the cheapest means of entertainment but it has also opened up a repository of knowledge in terms of education, health care, personal relationships, travel etc. It has emerged as an exchange of cultures and customs.


Today television is helping to increase the knowledge of the whole world by focusing on various economic and social issues. Presently it has emerged as the most prominent force of the media. This has narrowed the world and the effect of globalization is beginning to show. As a result, we are now enjoying the programs being held remotely from home through live TV.


Of course television is an aspect of technology. Technology brings with it both positive and negative results. While television has calmed our curiosity in the fields of knowledge, science, entertainment and education-medicine, through it, violence, obscenity and intimidating programs have also hurt our faith and moral values. The truth is that currently every new experience associated with television is stimulating our lives.


It is to be noted that on November 21, World Television Day is celebrated with the aim of discussing the growing role of television in our lives and its positive and negative aspects . In fact, in view of the growing influence of television, the United Nations declared the date of November 21, 1996, as World Television Day. The United Nations organized the world’s first World Television Forum on November 21 and 22 in 1996. In 1927, a 21-year-old boy named Philo Taylor Farnsworth aired the signal on modern television. Television changes continued from 1926 to 1931 after many failures. By 1934, television had taken full electronic form.

However, before 1908, mechanical television was invented. Talking about mechanical TV, it was based on reel movies. It required a closed room for broadcasting, and videos were shown with the help of projectors and reels. But Philo’s TV was the start of today’s Modern TV. It is different that at that time only black and white pictures, not color, were seen on TV. The first television station in America started in 1927, 1 year after Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented TV.


In September 1928, John Baird appeared for the first time on Modern TV in public. John Baird was the person who invented mechanical TV. TV did not enter the market for the next 10 years. In 1938, John formally brought television into the market. In the next 2 years, according to modern TV, TV stations opened and people started buying TV in large numbers.


The first time people saw television in India was in 1950, when an engineering student from Chennai presented television for the first time in an exhibition. The first television set in India was purchased by a wealthy Niyogi family from Kolkata. In 1965, All India Radio started daily TV transmission. In 1976, the government separated TV from All India Radio. The national television channel first debuted in 1982. This was the year when the first color TV also arrived in India. The 80–90s opened the way for the expansion of television in India. Serials like Mahabharata and Ramayana on Doordarshan broke all records.


It is said that when the Mahabharata or Ramayana used to come on TV, the roads used to be curfew. In the 90s all the work of the television channel was handed over to Prasar Bharati. Prasar Bharati started the channel with DD in the same decade as DD2, which was later renamed DD Metro. When PV Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister in 1991, he started the expansion of TV. This was followed by entry of private channels. Private channels got licenses one after the other and in the last few years the number of channels aired in India has reached around 1000.


It is a different matter that today television channels are unmoved by their responsibilities and are not deterred from serving anything in front of the audience. Due to obscene, indecent and scary scenes being shown on the channels, the wrong message is being circulated in the public. As a result of this, the younger generation is mimicking TV scenes, being directionless. There is an increasing tendency among young men to loiter and father’s income which is destroying their duty creativity. On the other hand, seeing the scenes of continuous murders and rapes since childhood is having a serious impact on the mental development of children. Increasing violent incidents in the country have its consequences.


Along with showing the naked body on these channels, dirty and inhumane pictures are being displayed in the name of advertisement, neutralized by character boundaries. These channels, which have become the base of so-called sadhus who denote babas and destiny, are making cultural infiltration by fooling people. Far from fine arts and healthy entertainment, these channels are presenting the fun-filled lifestyle of the nobles with great pride. The news channels are not hesitating to praise the news of any party, forgetting the fairness of the news. In the debates on these, there is only a ruckus in the name of debate. The same is the case with music channels which are performing dirty songs and vulgar dances round the clock.


These channels are making their work public by showing the fights of Saas-Bahu in the name of serials. People are being forced to laugh by resorting to dirty jokes in comedy and comedy shows on the channels. The programs broadcast on these are neither providing any healthy entertainment nor giving any education or direction to the society. The plot of serials can be seen beyond the life of the common man.


The moral weaknesses of the person are being glorified with great pride. Illegitimate relations, trafficking and the business of crores of billions are the main subject matter. Due to the blind competition of the channels moving forward and the TRP’s craving for them, they are getting visually disrespectful of the highest moral and cultural values. Looking at channels like Fashion TV, it seems that the definition of fashion has changed. Today, if our country is also observing Western nations, then these channels are the most influential in this. These channels are doing the work of de-emphasizing our family life values.

The purpose of these channels is to propagate western consumerist culture, which is contrary to the cultural sentiments of our country. The India which used to leave its indelible mark in the whole world in the name of culture and rituals, today, India has been becoming an India and avoiding its cultural dignity and values ​​of life. If these prohibited TV programs are not banned in time, they can do a lot of harm to our civilization and culture. It is necessary to remind the producers-directors of these serials that freedom of expression is not arbitrary at all. Instead of serving a meal of indistinguishable chilli-spice programs on TV, you can also have a snack of good and cultured programs.

The invention of television has undoubtedly started a revolution in the field of information. Since the media has interfered in our lives so much that we do not get enough information about its importance. At present we cannot deny its importance. We should understand its importance and make extensive use of it so that information related misuse of media can be prevented. Also its effect can be reduced. Given the impact of television on the world, the importance of this day has increased. Television has been accepted as a major tool in influencing the public.


Its influence and its presence over the politics of the world cannot be denied in any way. But at the same time it is also believed that its negative effects are also being seen. Some legal restrictions should also be imposed on it to prevent its negative impact and to curb the wrong culture. Always keep these words in mind that technology is a strange thing. This one hand is a great gift and the other has a stabbing item in the back. Whether television is beneficial or harmful for us depends on us. For example, if a knife is in the hands of a surgeon, he can save someone’s life, but if the same knife is in the hands of a robber then it can cause death. Therefore, the decisions and the decisions made for us determine the pace and direction of our life.


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