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Review of the English premium Tier 6 heavy tank: history of creation, game characteristics, tactical tips


TOG II is a British Tier 6 premium heavy tank. In the past, it was customary to laugh at this unit: “Aha-ha, look – people bought a sausage!” Indeed, the car came out ambiguous, in which the pluses smoothly passed into the minuses. Many hit points, but uneven armor. Good penetrating weapon, but low speed. And all this for 3500 “gold”! A normal player would be better off buying SU-122-44 , which will win back the money invested. Gradually, the “limousine” survived from the random, only a rare connoisseur of antiques will sometimes flicker on the horizon. And yet – in vain. The rationale for this will be below.

Historical reference

In 1939, Britain decided to have a heavy infantry tank for what they thought was trench warfare. The task was issued for a car with an elongated body so that it could cross trenches without problems. The design of the unit was entrusted to two firms at once: Foster and Harland & Wolf. Engineers who were part of the Special Vehicle Development Committee jokingly called themselves “The Old Gang” and this abbreviation became the name of the new TOG tank .

The car turned out to be truly British – moderately innovative, moderately conservative. A number of design solutions migrated straight from the First World War, including suspension on small rollers. Of course, advanced methods were used, such as electromechanical transmission, but this led to an increase in the cost and complexity of the project. The prototype often broke down on the test site.

As a result, all work on the creation of TOG was discontinued in 1943, when it became clear that the tank was outdated even before development began. The tower from the second prototype was modified and later installed on the Challenger. This is where the story of the “sausage” ends.

As soon as the prototype was not mocked

Game characteristics

In World of Tanks, this unsuccessful project was taken out, shaken off the dust and introduced into the game to increase the species diversity. Let’s look at it through the prism of game characteristics:


Our armor is great, but for the sixth level it is not always enough. In the forehead of the tower, it is maximum – 114 mm. On the circumference of the hull and turret, the numbers are no longer impressive – 76 and 50 mm. Get ready to destroy you with sub-caliber shells. Moreover, our silhouette evokes this desire almost reflexively.

But health was given to us without stint – 1400 hit points! The best indicator at the level. You can tank for a long time, exchanging strength points. But it is precisely for its fatness and large dimensions that our tank loves “art” so much. Beware of landmines from the top, because the roof is almost unarmored, and our silhouette fits almost perfectly into the targeting circle of the ACS.


For the OQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII, on the contrary, gives us extremely positive feelings. Armor penetration with standard ammunition is 171 mm, and with subcaliber ammunition – 239 mm. Even two levels above this is quite enough. The damage is not very large – 150 mm, but with a rate of fire of 12 rounds per minute, the cannon produces 1920 HP of potential damage per minute. Not bad! Gorgeous depression angles of minus 10 degrees allow you to shoot from hills, exposing only the forehead of the tower.


Everything is sad here. The Paxman 12TR engine delivers just 600 hp. with. by 85 tons of weight, which leads to a snail’s advance rate of 14 km / h. The chassis also does not shine – the turn is only 20 degrees / sec. The tower is slightly better – 32 deg / sec. Slopok cries and takes you into his arms. However, let’s not talk about sad things.

Discovery and communication

Surprisingly good for the “heavy” radio station Ws No. 19 Special gives a communication range of 570 meters. ACS and tank destroyers will be happy with you. The view is 360 meters and it makes sense to increase it with additional equipment. But with the indicators of visibility, everything is much worse – your giant carcass can be seen even from space.

Sausage, beach – life is great!

Bleeding and equipment

TOG-II is a premium tank and therefore comes standard. We will highlight the details of upgrading the crew, purchasing special equipment and consumables.

Develop tankers according to the following scheme: “Sixth Sense” for the commander, “Repair” for the rest. At the second level of the perks for all – “Brotherhood of Battle”. If your nerves are not exhausted by the third level, you can alternately improve your shooting and vision skills.

Take the following special equipment for defense at a distance: “Reinforced aiming drives”, “Stereotube” and “Rammer”. If you are not a fan of standing shooting, then you can consider a more mobile assault option: “Ventilation”, “Rammer” and “Anti-splinter lining”.

We use standard consumables – “Manual fire extinguisher”, “Small first aid kit” and “Small repair kit”. You can substitute some of this for “Pudding with tea” to improve the characteristics of the crew. Buying camouflage will help you with stealth – like a dead poultice, so don’t even waste it.

It would seem – where does Freud have to do with it?

Tactics tips

TOG-II is a heavy tank built to take damage. He can also give away, but this is not his main task.

First, determine the direction of your movement at the start. Because you won’t be able to turn around and go to the other end of the map. The game will end earlier, with our slow speed. Join a group of heavy tanks – together you are strong. A lone “tram” will be disassembled for parts by a flock of hungry STs, or big-eyed “fireflies” will be hunted down with “art”.

A number of maps do not involve assaults at all, and there you can fully demonstrate your defensive talents. Take positions behind cover, setting up a tower. If they are not there, then you yourself act as a shield for the lesser riffraff. In the city, you can stand up so that even through your corpse it will not be possible to drive further. But this does not mean that you need to stand still. The sight of a “sausage” pushing through a narrow street can terrify anyone.

Remember that the “dachshund” seems to be made for duel shootouts. One on one you will take apart any opponent, unless it is another TOG . Your rate of fire and health points leave no one a chance. But being under group fire is fraught. They will scoff to the last, taking off the psaltery and enjoying impotent anger. In this case, the stereo tube will help – it is activated while you are immobilized, and can illuminate invisible bullies.

If there is a mountain, crawl there. It will take a long time, but it will pay off. At the top, light and medium tanks will be waiting for you, set up to butt with the same dead bodies. The sight of the thick “sausage” will scare them away. After that, drive up to the edge of the hill and start trolling everything moving, trading the tower. Your holiday can only spoil the “art”, so it is not recommended to go to the open area.

Sometimes the “heavy” can work as an active light. This applies fully to TOG . It is enough to go to the front line of the front, and your vision, coupled with a good radio station, will begin to make you richer. The longer you live, the more lightning damage will be. It is clear that during this procedure you do not need to get bored, already filling your damage.

Shooting from the mountain is what the doctor ordered

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the tank. Outcomes

Pros :

  • Lots of hit points
  • Sufficient armor
  • Good cannon
  • Large ammunition load
  • Great walkie-talkie and normal visibility

Cons :

  • Huge body
  • Scanty speed
  • Ammo rack often breaks
  • Being bullied in chat

TOG II is a rare premium unit that everyone has forgotten. Therefore, his appearance in the random house generates increased attention, often unhealthy. Be prepared that everyone will want to kill you, although no achievements are given for this. Should you buy a “limousine” to show off? Let’s just say – with the right leadership, the “sausage” can make a significant contribution to the victory of the team. For those who have hook hands and an unstable nervous system, the tank is strictly contraindicated.

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