World of Tanks: T-34-2 guide

Guide for the pumped CT-8 in China – T-34-2. Development history, review of performance characteristics, tips and tactics, pumping procedure, pros and cons of the car

Hello tankers!

Usually, in the branch of pumping any vehicle in World of Tanks there is one “ugly duckling” on the way to the cherished top ten, which spoils the whole impression. And you grudgingly and gritting your teeth are tormented as you pass it. So today we will focus on just such a machine. It is a stumbling block and a kind of filter because only the most persistent reach the top. Today we will talk about the development tree of China and, in particular, the branch going to the top ST-121 . As many have probably already guessed, the “anti-hero” of today’s review will be the T-34-2 .

Historical reference

The T-34-2 project is a deep modernization of the Soviet T-34-85 tank , received by the Chinese side as part of the support of the communist regime. The original version of the project, called the T-34-1, was rethought by the Chinese side. The military and engineers of the Celestial Empire did a great job, changed the layout of the engine-transmission group, due to which it was possible to reduce the height and weight of the tank. A new round turret was also made for the projected machine, but this model never went into production.

As a result of further development, the T-34-1 concept turned into a new T-34-2 project . He almost had nothing to do with his progenitor in the person of the T-34-85 . Several variants of this vehicle were presented, and serial production was planned to be deployed at tank factory # 617 in Baotou. But these plans were not destined to come true, since in 1956 the USSR delivered its new T-54A tank to China with all the accompanying technical documentation. At this stage, all work on the T-34-2 project was curtailed.

The tank was not mass-produced, it was not in service.

Unfortunately, no historical photographs or drawings were found.

Analysis of the performance characteristics of the tank

The performance characteristics of the car are in the screenshot below, here we will talk about what awaits you on the battlefield.

Full list of tank performance characteristics

Armor protection. Something that our car never had. More precisely, there is some kind of armor, but not everyone will be able to use it effectively, since for this you will have to try and sweat. Yes, the tower is well protected, but in order to implement it, you need to play from the terrain, which we simply cannot do due to the lack of an air pressure device at the car. Well, by tradition, I will paint the thicknesses: 70/180 mm, 45/120 mm, 45/60 mm (hull / tower). As you can see, there is nothing to boast about. Is that the ricochet tower will sometimes reflect shells, but you should not rely on it either. We should play carefully and thoughtfully, since in our levels of battles mistakes are not forgiven. On average, the gameplay is similar, plus or minus, to the Soviet top-end ST – we are looking for a shelter for a cardboard body, we stand “from the tower” and try to punch someone through.

The number of points of strength of our CT is 1300 units.

Firepower. “Power” in this case sounds like a mockery. And what kind of power can we talk about if our cannon is oblique to the point of horror, eternity is reduced and does not pierce anyone. Yes, these are all the harsh realities of the T-34-2… And in those conditions and levels of battles where we have to play it is a real punishment. But there is also an alternative weapon – 122 mm. Unlike its Soviet counterpart (D-25-44), it is even a little more playable, but no more. I would not use it permanently and do not recommend it to you. This is all so, nothing more than pampering, but ate a lot of enemies … oh, sorry, scare a pipe. It is even more oblique, it takes even longer to reduce, and its only advantage in alpha is not even realizable every time, because it is penetration. It is even smaller here than on the main cannon of 100 mm. Strange math. I would advise you to carry a 100 mm cannon, because with it the tank acquires at least some meaning, there is a hint of rate of fire. The alpha strike for a 100 mm cannon is 250 units, for a 122 mm cannon – 390 units, everything is standard.

The main shells for our gun are BB with a penetration of 183 mm, this barrel has long been familiar to us from the legendary Type 59. Premium ammunition is a 241 mm AP round. There are also land mines with 50 mm penetration and 330 damage, but who needs them. In the case of the 122 mm barrel, everything is a little more fun – the BB penetration is 175 mm, there are also KS shells for 250 mm in the arsenal and also land mines for 61 mm of penetration with 530 damage.

With a 100% trained crew, the accuracy of a 100 mm gun will be 0.39 m at 100 m, while the accuracy of a 122 mm gun is within 0.48 m at 100 m. Is there anything worth saying here? I think no. Aiming time for a 100 mm cannon is 2.8 s, for a 122 mm gun – 3.1 s, which is also very sad. The reload time will be 8.5 seconds for the first gun and 15 seconds for the second gun. Even the most pumped T-34-2 is not impressive: reloading – 8.92 / 11.87 s, mixing – 2.46 / 2.73 s, accuracy – 0.34 / 0.42 m at 100 m. and with “ration”!

Traditionally there is no UVN: -5 ° down and 15 ° up, and here’s how to live with it? But this is more of a philosophical question. Try to find shelters on the map behind which you can hide the body, or hide it behind your allies, because the tower is the only place where you have at least some armor.

Dynamics. Mobility is probably the only thing that our tank is not deprived of. He runs around the map quite briskly, if necessary, he can even return and knock down the capture from the base. Engine 12150LS with 580 hp accelerates our tank weighing 34.2 tons up to 50 km / h forward. The reverse speed is 20 km / h. The power density is 16.97 hp / t. On the spot, the tank rotates at a speed of 46 ° / s.

Detection. As you probably already guessed, there is nothing supernatural here either. The most ordinary 380 m, which, in the presence of modules and a crew with at least one learned skill for review, will turn into 400-405 m, which is already better than nothing. The tank does not have a particularly outstanding camouflage, so you should not hope for it. Download it all the more.

Pumping. Immediately after the purchase, we open the chassis, preferably for free experience, so as not to suffer with the 85 mm cannon in stock. A funny joke from the developers – only 85-mm scarecrows from lower levels, especially suitable for shooting, become in the stock tower. Next, we open the top turret, which will increase the view and make it possible to install normal guns. Then we examine the 100 mm 59-100T cannon, because the previous 100 mm 44-100JT will probably remain with you after pumping the T-34-1 , together with the engine. Last but not least, we swing the top engine and the walkie-talkie. All of them do not give a significant increase, but only slightly improve the characteristics of the car. 122 mm 37-122JT may well have remained with you after researching the IS-2. If it is not there, then it is not worth pumping it – a waste of time and effort.

Choice of equipment, consumables and crew perks

Crew pumping. The crew will be pumped based on the characteristics not of this particular vehicle, but of the national characteristics of the branch:

  • Commander:“Bulb”, “Repair”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Jack of all trades”
  • Gunner:“Repair”, “Smooth Turret Rotation”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Master Gunsmith”
  • Mekhvod:“Repair”, “Smooth ride”, “Combat brotherhood”, “King of the off-road”
  • Loader:Repair, Proximity Ammo Stack, Combat Brotherhood, Desperate

Choice of equipment. I don’t even know what can be “improved” here. But for the sake of decency and greater comfort, if you can call it that at all, let’s put together the following equipment setup:

Style of play “Support”: “Rammer”, “Stabilizer”, “Fan” – an indestructible classic for any tank is quite suitable for installation on this “cactus”. It will slightly speed up the mixing, slightly improve reloading and all other characteristics of the tank.

The choice of shells. The number of shells in the ammunition load is 45; if you have chosen an alternative weapon, then 40. This is not a lot and not a little. I guarantee that there will be almost no battles in which you would shoot all the shells. But the battles where you fired off a good part of the ammunition, and the damage was not filled, will be a lot. Remember my words later. That is why, in order to at least pierce someone, I propose to load more premium shells into the BC:

Set-up of shells for playing in random (BB / BP (KS) / HE):

  • “Cannon 100 mm”– 23/20/2
  • “Cannon 122 mm”– 25/12/3

Choice of equipment. Everything here is also standard from time immemorial: a repair kit , a first aid kit and an auto extinguisher . If you want to pass this tank with comfort, or at least reduce the pain just below your back, then sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that it is worth at least a few battles to put yourself on a “diet”. But remember that this is a Chinese tank, and therefore it will burn and the ammo rack will explode from every kick. Remember this.

Information window about our car

Tank tactics and tips

One of the few cases where there is almost nothing to say. In battles of your level, you will often not even penetrate your classmates, if you will hit them at all. This tank does not tolerate gunfire, moreover, the gun is very capricious and may not hit even with full confidence and information. And while you aim, the enemy will either run away or hide. Here’s a choice – either shoot with the hope that you will hit, and then whatever happens. Or, you can reduce and wait for the enemy to leave your field of vision. It is better to carry a 100-mm cannon with you, since you can play with it in any team setup, and not just in the top, as is the case with the second barrel.

It’s good if you still hit the battle to your level. There will at least be something to profit from. If you can’t penetrate the forehead (we have 183 mm of penetration, for a second), and you almost never pierce anyone in the forehead, then you can flank or use premium ammunition. But if you got into battle by the X level, then I do not envy you. Pain, humiliation, insults – these epithets can describe all attempts to play in such a technique setup. Not only do you not pierce anyone, you still do not see anyone due to your innate blindness. Everyone can see you and shoot you, which is called “from inviz”. Your armor no longer plays absolutely no role here, as well as the penny alpha of 250 units, and your pitiful 241 mm of penetration, which must still be attached somewhere.

You rush around the map as if stung, looking for a place for yourself and cannot find it. You cannot be called otherwise, as plankton, pasture in such conditions. That’s why I don’t like this tank. I love cars that can influence the outcome of a fight, not BDSM, sorry. You constantly have to keep your distance so that you are not seen or even known about your presence. Each attempt to shoot at someone is like the attempts of a boy with a slingshot against an elephant. Moreover, elephants are everything for you. Both at the VIII level of the battle, and in X. Even the IS-3 causes us problems, let alone any E 100 .

If we give advice on the game, then these are: never climb forward, on the rampage, even being in the top. You can be torn apart in seconds, you won’t even have time to come to your senses. Stay in a pack of allies, whether it’s TT or ST. Just be in the pack. Try to avoid enemy fire, “tank your allies”, beware of any shot. At the same time, try to be useful to the team, inflict damage and assist your own in every possible way. But remember that “assist” does not equal “interfere”, as some people confuse these concepts.

If we talk about strengths and weaknesses, then our tank is one continuous weak point. There is no armor in the hull, almost the same in the turret. The gun does not tilt down, and this is extremely inconvenient. Difficulties with the weapon will arise in the most unexpected places. You will have to put up with this. The tank has very vulnerable ammunition racks and tanks, so try to be in the light for the minimum possible amount of time. Ideally, it’s best not to glow at all. You are not a sniper, you have no accuracy, just be invisible. Help your allies, do not expose yourself to shots, take care of the body, which, by the way, is very tightly packed. You also have tanks in your forehead, just behind the VLD. From any shot, one of the tankers comes out of the tank along with the ammunition rack. And remember the wisdom: “Everything passes – and this will pass.”

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the tank. Outcomes


  • good dynamics and maneuverability;
  • alternative weapons for different styles of play;
  • ricochet tower shape;
  • rather compact body and low silhouette;


  • there is practically no armor in the hull;
  • frequent “crits” of ammunition storage and tanks, fires;
  • only 85 mm guns fit into the stock turret;
  • practically absent UHN;
  • horrifying performance of the gun.

Based on the results of the above, I would like to say that this tank only needs to be endured. Even the next car in the branch will reward you generously for this, although there are some nuances for pumping there. T-34-2 is a kind of “ugly duckling”, which after a couple of levels turns into a beautiful swan, if such comparisons are appropriate here. I don’t understand why the developers made this tank so dull, it’s still unclear to me. It is not easy to play, while it does not provide any pleasure, you really go into battle as if you were going to work. Showing some kind of result on it is not a machine on which to make a stable result. All in all, the most classic example of a walk-through car in all its glory. You just need to go through it once, sell it and forget it, like a bad dream, especially since the “tops” are worth it.

Good luck on the battlefields!

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