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Polish Premium Tier 6 Medium Tank Review: Creation History, Game Features, Tactical Tips

The Pudel is a Polish Tier 6 premium medium tank. The history of the appearance of this paradox is generally entertaining. It has long been customary that Wargaming, before launching a new original branch of tanks, specially introduced a preliminary prem-tank, on which it was possible to pump crews in advance for upcoming units. Therefore, the appearance of “Poodle” caused a stir, especially among Polish players – finally! However, more than six months have passed, and things are still there. There are no Polish tanks yet, the concepts of the branch are walking around the blades. And it turns out that all these six months we were snorted to “Nedopanther”, which has the only advantage of being premium … Seriously?

Historical reference

There is simply no history of the creation of this tank. In fact, these are simply German “Panthers” captured during the Warsaw Uprisingmodification G. Therefore, we will only touch on their combat use, especially since there are many bright and interesting moments there. At the very peak of the uprising, the Germans decided to check the Poles for the fortress and sent three “cats” forward to the barricades. Since the rebels had few anti-tank weapons, they simply let the tanks go deep into the barricades and pelted them with homemade mines and Molotov cocktails. The burnt tank could not be restored, but the damaged Panthers very soon joined the ranks of the Home Army, much to the surprise of the Germans. And then there was something to bomb from, because these machines were considered the best in their class. The first tank was simply labeled WP (Polish Army), but the second received a separate name – “Poodle”, in honor of the fallen hero Tadeusz Tyczynski, who had such a call sign. True, the crew for some reason called the car “Magda”, don’t even ask why. Apparently, the lack of a female affected …

Almost immediately they were thrown into battle, opposite the church, in which the machine gunners sat down. But the real triumph for “Poodle” came during the storming of the Gensiówka concentration camp. Imagine that you are a German watchtower guard. The Panther is on the way, you wave your hand to her. And then she on the move demolishes the gate and begins to shoot the barracks point-blank. There is something to break the template. A total of 340 prisoners were freed during this daring attack and joined the rebels. However, the rebels soon began to lose their luck. On August 10, the WP. The very next day, the emboldened Germans, with the support of the Stugs, launched an offensive along the main streets in order to divide the fighting enclave into two parts. During the fierce battle, the attack was repulsed, but the Magda suffered damage to the barrel rotation mechanism, essentially turning into a self-propelled gun. Staying in the Old City was already pointless, and 300 Spartan fighters went to the breakthrough, hiding behind the Panther.

In this last battle, the Poodle’s crew showed themselves to their full height. Competently maneuvering through narrow streets, they smashed walls and fences, making new passages for the assault infantry. Then they jumped out on the Pz-IV, which made them liquid and tried to reverse. The Panther’s frontal armor withstood several hits, after which the enemy simply left their tanks in horror. They didn’t know that the Magda’s ammunition load had been empty for a long time. Soon it was time to part with a faithful companion, since the batteries ran out of the unit. The vehicle was positioned so that the Fritzes pursuing the rebels thought it was targeting them. It was not long before they decided to check whether the tank was empty or not. But even after that, “Poodle” took a couple of fascists with him. Leaving, the crew mined the tower hatch. Booom, bitch! Such a short but bright life.

No real photos of the captured tanks have survived, but perhaps the Poodle looked like this

Game characteristics

In World of Tanks , the Poodle became a support tank from the second line. Let’s consider its characteristics in the context of the game:


Panthers have always had good frontal armor. In the reality. The game clearly lacks it. We have 100 mm in the forehead of the turret, and 85 mm along the front of the hull, albeit at an acute angle. No, at the sixth level, of course, there will be bounces, but most drive stupidly on the “gold”, so it’s better not to be substituted. In the sides, everything is even worse – 40-50 mm. At the same time, all the vital modules are on board, so they should not be exposed under any circumstances. The “Panther” flares up and explodes with a bang, sometimes 840 points of strength do not even save.


Our gun is quite good – 7,5 cm Kw.K. 42 L / 70 , but it often lacks armor penetration, especially at the seventh-eighth level, where it often throws us. It gives 150 mm of armor penetration with basic shells, and 194 mm with subcaliber shells. It is comfortable to ride only on the “Gold”, and even then not always. The amount of damage is standard for this type of cannon – 135 HP. The rate of fire at the barrel is 14.29 rounds per minute, which gives a potential damage of 1929 HP.

The pluses include good accuracy – a spread of 0.35 per hundred meters, but not tight mixing in 2.3 seconds. Immediately, the prospects of shooting only from the spot appear. UVN at minus eight degrees gives a legal opportunity to play from the tower, it is very small and with a good gun mantlet. The ammunition capacity of 81 pieces will not allow the barrel to cool down during the battle, with minimal risk of being left without shells.


For a medium tank, the motor is a very important component. The Maybach HL 230 TRM P30 engine produces a titanic power of 700 hp, but they are spread over 48 tons, which gives a top speed of 55 km / h. Not bad, but our overclocking is very tight and it’s better not to climb the hill. But it’s not bad to go ramming with such a mass, especially from the mountain. The turn we have is a little tight for the ST – 30 deg / s, although the tower rotates at the same speed, so turning the hull will not save much. Spinning this tank is as easy as shelling pears, keep your distance from the enemy.

Discovery and communication

German radio stations have always had good communication numbers. So FuG 7 gives a good 710 meters of radio contact, which will give us the opportunity to shoot at “light” at long distances. This is critical for such a fragile tank. The view is really not the best for the ST – 370 meters, enough only to detect single-level “strands”. Stealth in motion is only 15.10 percent, but with a camouflage net you can get 29.20 percent there, which is quite good. What’s good – the tank comes with pre-installed camouflage, which saves you from unnecessary expenses.


Bleeding and equipment

The Pudel is a premium tank and therefore comes standard. We will highlight the details of upgrading the crew, purchasing special equipment and consumables.

There are five tankers, so develop them according to the following scheme: first, all “Disguise”, then reset the skill to the commander and put the “Sixth Sense”, On the second level: commander “Eagle Eye”, gunner “Sniper”, mechanic drive “Smooth ride”, radio operator “Radio Intercept”, loading “Contactless ammunition rack”. At the third level of skills, all the “Combat Brotherhood” in order to increase all the characteristics of the crew.

Take the following special equipment: “Reinforced aiming drives”, “Camouflage network” and “Ventilation”. After pumping the crew, remove the fan and place the “Stereotube” in order to fully exploit the potential of remote shooting. You can choose your own setup to suit your individual playing style. There is also improved special equipment, but it is only available for booms. If you have them, then I recommend splurging on “Wear-resistant aiming drives”, which gives 12.5 percent to the aiming speed, which will allow you to shoot more often and better.

There is also a slot for “Pre-battle instructions” (for equipment and crew) for bonds. They are earned only in ranked battles, so only working tanks, most often rolled out of the hangar, should be pumped up with instructions. For Pudel, it is best to take modifiers: “Adjusting the sight” (+ 2.5% to the speed of aiming), “Cover on the ground” (improves the skill “Disguise”) and “No sudden movements” (improves the skill “Smooth turn of the tower”).

We use the following consumables: “Automatic fire extinguisher”, “Small first aid kit” and “Big repair kit” (+ 15% for repair). Since the probability of engine fire is 20%, it is better not to touch the fire extinguisher. “Chocolate” should be stuck instead of a first aid kit, which will significantly increase the characteristics of the crew.

The fate of this tank is to be on the sidelines

Tactics tips

The Pudel is a fragile tank designed to be played from the second, and ideally from the third lane. In fact, this is such a specific tank destroyer with a rotating turret. Hence, you need to rebuild exactly the “bush” gameplay.

Therefore, first of all, at the start, look for top positions for yourself to shoot through tank-hazardous directions. Your speed should be enough to get there without worries and hassles, even before the fastest self-propelled vehicles. After that, we freeze and only turn the barrel in search of targets, but we look at the minimap. The position should ideally be not only with bushes, but also with a stone shelter, where you can take a dip in the light.

Shooting must be carried out strictly aiming, on modules. The accuracy of the barrel and the rapid flight of the projectile will make it possible to achieve knocking out critical hits, provided that you know the layout of the enemy’s tanks. But even a beginner knows that a rolled out enemy must first of all knock down the “guslya”, so that then slowly disassemble it. A more experienced player shoots not just at the chassis, but tries to hit the front roller in order to inflict more damage. Your opponent can immediately use the strap and start rolling back for cover, but your rate of fire will prevent him from doing so.

If you are found, and this is not difficult – especially after the shot, then you should immediately change your position. Since the blow “Poodle” does not keep from the word at all. A special fear for him is represented by a variety of “suitcases” from “art” and “land mines” from “log throwers”. One such arrival and you can say goodbye to a tower shoulder strap, optics, a straight barrel and a bunch of other useful things. And pray to God not to critanize the engine or ammo rack. In the first case, you can still knock down the flame, but in the second, the tank turret goes flying, and you fly to the hangar ahead of schedule.

How can you survive in such harsh conditions? First, learn the correct setting of the diamond on this tank. The turn of the hull should be such that the sides come out only at a very sharp angle. The tower does not need to be rotated, as the sloping gun mantlet is good at repelling shells. In general, you should thoroughly hide the hull behind obstacles or terrain, leaving only a small hump with a commander’s cupola. Even if they shoot, it is not a fact that they will hit. And if it does arrive, it will not touch the ammunition load and the engine. Don’t make yourself an easy target – go for it! Stop only for a shot.

But remote shelling is at most half the battle. At some point, you will have to leave the comfortable place and go on the attack. There are a few rules to follow here. First, do not tear yourself away from your allies in order to hide behind their broad backs. Follow them at a short distance so that you can support fire and cover the rear of the advancing group. Second – if the “heavy” is over, and there are no more drummers, you will have to act as an armored train, since you are all the same ST. But even here it is not necessary to sharply reduce the distance with the enemy, shoot from behind cover, shine your “arte” and do not fall under the howitzer breaks yourself. Move from bush to bush, scan the area in front of you with “horns”.

Your main enemy at this stage is the surviving light tanks, which can highlight your awkward carcass, or even come in from the rear and set your seat on fire, literally and figuratively. “Heavy” is not particularly dangerous, they can be unpatroned in several passes, rolling back along the lines of the bushes. But tank destroyers and self-propelled guns are quite tracked along the tracks, after which it is worth getting close imperceptibly and destroying them in a furious “carousel” – here your characteristics should be enough in full.

Remote fights



  • Accurate and rapid-fire barrel
  • Excellent UVV
  • Good dynamics
  • Large margin of safety
  • Preset camouflage
  • Lots of shells


  • Low armor penetration
  • Weak gun stabilization
  • Insufficient armor
  • Criticality of modules
  • No more Polish tanks

So is it worth taking Pudel by spending real money on it? The question is rather complicated. For 3650 gold, you actually get under-ST, under-PT, with not the best characteristics at the sixth level. Yes, this is “Panther”, but one level below, you say. However, it is not so – for TTH “poodle” is much closer to the predecessor “cat” – the VK 30.02 M . Matches almost all points! And if you don’t see the difference, why pay more? The existence of this unit will justify itself only after the appearance of the Polish ST branch, not earlier.


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