World of Tanks – KV-85 guide

Review of the Soviet heavy tank of the sixth level: history of creation, game characteristics, tactical tips


The KV-85 is a Soviet Tier 6 heavy tank. First there was “kvass” and it was great. Then it was divided into the historic KV-1s and KV-85 . It is clear that the statistics of victories at the sixth level dropped noticeably. The tank became not a “megadamager”, but quite a decent “light heavy”, like the KV-13 , only with a more acceptable gun and worse armor in the hull. A very decent car and now we will tell you everything about it.

Historical reference

In 1942, the large KV family suddenly became obsolete. New German “beasts” appeared on the battlefield, which were invulnerable to 76-mm cannons, and themselves could hit the “Klims” from any distance. A similar situation could not but cause buhurt in the design environment. We needed “our answer to Chamberlain,” and soon it took place.

The modernization was based on the KV-1S hull , in the turret of which it was planned to install an 85-mm anti-aircraft gun. To provide the necessary competition, the task was given to two teams at once – TsAKB under the leadership of Grabin and the Design Bureau of Artillery Plant No. 9 under the leadership of Petrov. Ada and trash were added by the fact that the developers did not hesitate to write denunciations and slander against each other.

TsAKB developed the 85-mm S-31 cannon based on the serial 76-mm ZIS-5 tank gun, and the design bureau of plant No. 9 used its own project of the self-propelled 85-mm D-5S cannon, the bolt and lifting mechanism to which were taken from the serial 76- mm tank gun F-34. True, at the last moment it was changed to D-5T. As a result, she became the winner in this race of projects, because it was easy to operate, did not vibrate after the shot and had a smaller size.

The tanks entered service with the units of the Soviet army in 1943 and operated mainly in the southern direction. They proved to be good in battle, but the lack of armor still affected. Therefore, the KV-85 was soon replaced by the more advanced IS-1 . A total of 148 copies were produced.

The surviving specimens are still in Kubinka

Game characteristics

In World of Tanks “nekvass” has successfully replaced the legend. Consider the characteristics of this tank in the context of the game:


Our armor is not bad for the sixth level, but only in places. Only the front of the tower can qualify for “tanking” – 100 mm. The forehead of the case is already worse – 75 mm. That is, if you want and skill, everyone will break through you. Along the perimeter of the tower, the armor is slightly worse, but not critical – 90 mm. Side and back case – 60 mm.

In general, we are playing the role of a pumped-up medium tank. We do not substitute for shells unnecessarily. But our lives are no longer ST-shny – 870 hit points. There is where to roam, especially in tight firefights. And this is a definite plus.


The stock 85 mm D-5T is not so bad, but it is still better to take a closer look at the 100 mm S-34 , which, with the same accuracy, mixing and DPM, gives a significant increase in the armor penetration of the base projectile – from 120 to 170 mm, and damage increases well – from 160 to 250 HP.

Elevation angles – minus three degrees! Worse, in my opinion, no one else. But the reduction and rate of fire fully compensate for this disadvantage. One can forget about the 122-mm D2-5T “cigarette butt” – all sorts of perverts ride with it, who still cannot believe that the KV-85 is not “heavy”.


With our maximum weight of 49 tons, the top-end V-2IS engine produces 600 liters. sec., which allows you to accelerate to a good 34 km / h. We are inferior to medium tanks, but we can easily overtake heavy ones. The KV-122 tracks increase the turn by two degrees and the carrying capacity by two tons. The turret turns worse than the hull – only 28 deg / sec, so always turn.

Discovery and communication

The top 10RK radio provides a communication range of 440 meters – slightly better than that of other Soviet “heavy” vehicles, but it does not reach medium tanks. Our view is also standard – 340 meters. It is best to move in a mass of more eyed allies, or quickly close the distance between yourself and the enemy. Because of the high silhouette, stealth is a dream.

Bleeding and equipment

What’s the best way to study the KV-85 ? If you played hard on the KV-1s , then you managed to completely pump out the top radio station and the engine there – this will significantly save you time. For free experience, we study the tracks, and then we push a new turret into the hull. After that, we slowly develop to a 100-mm gun (well, or 122-mm howitzers), and now your tank is fully loaded!

Unlike its predecessor, the crew consists of four people, which means that you will have to choose skills more carefully. We are pumping tankers for active actions. First, all “Repair”, then reset the commander and put the “Sixth Sense”. At the second level, the officer must be “Jack of all Trades” in order to replace the retiring crew members, and the gunner must be “Smooth turn of the tower”. To the driver-mechanic “King of the off-road” to increase the passability on soft soils. Loader “Proximity ammunition” or “Desperate”. Unfortunately, we do not have a radio operator. The third level of perks is “Combat Brotherhood” for everyone.

As for the special equipment, then we choose the option for the shootings: “Gun rammer”, “Targeting drives” and “Ventilation”. The fan can be replaced with a “Toolbox”, because you will break often. If “art” is annoying – take “Heavy anti-splinter lining”, which will also increase the mass when ramming. You can choose your own setup to suit your individual playing style.

We place the following consumables: “Automatic fire extinguisher”, “Large first aid kit” (+ 15% to protection against injuries), “Large repair kit” (+ 10% to the repair speed). The engine often burns, so “Doppayek” can only be stuck on a “remake” or a first aid kit – it’s up to you to choose.

We study the tactical and technical characteristics of the KV-85

Tactics tips

The KV-85 is a light-heavy tank designed for maneuvering operations and support for ST. In some cases, he can even press the front, like a full-fledged “heavy”.

First, kill the thought that you belong to heavy tanks. Imagine that you are riding a T-34-85 and act accordingly – play boldly but carefully. At the start, join a mob of medium tanks and strive to conquer peaks and other tactically significant places. Usually the enemy is set up for short skirmishes with “fireflies” and the carcass of the KV on the hillock will unpleasantly surprise him. Collect damage on yourself, “smear” the most daring and roll back to the rear, lick your wounds.

Then you can play more carefully, shooting from the second line at the “light”. Hold on to the “cords” that have arrived in time and wait for the moment when the enemy’s front will sway or give weakness. After that, with a quick dash, go around from the flank and start stinging the taken aback opponents in the side and rear. Your speed is usually enough to spin tank destroyers or heavyweights. After the destruction of the barrier, you can lead the advance guard of the attack on the enemy base.

In positional skirmishes, try to hide the vulnerable hull behind obstacles, leaving a more armored tower in sight. But do not rely entirely on steel – fidget back and forth, since you have good stabilization and you won’t have to grab the target for long seconds. “Rhombus” – the wide tracks inherited from the KV completely absorb the damage. Fear the “art” – the bed of land mines in the engine compartment, it almost always sets the engine on fire.

Try not to be alone. Our visibility and stealth are sucks, so shootings out of nowhere are a harsh reality. Always strive to narrow the sectors of possible attacks by hammering into a variety of ravines and depressions. The enemy should be at a distance of 300 meters – the most comfortable distance for the KV-85 . Clinch and battering ram should become your second weapon, which you resort to automatically without hesitation.

Reverse “rhombus” often saves from damage

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the tank. Outcomes

Pros :

  • Penetration and rapid-fire cannon
  • Excellent DPM
  • Ricochet tower
  • Decent mobility

Cons :

  • Poor UVN
  • No review
  • Uneven booking
  • No radio operator

KV-85 – “heavy”, suddenly realizing that he was among the small fry. In skirmishes with classmates, he inevitably loses in terms of armor and one-time damage. But in dynamic brawls he has no equal – the king of the CT! According to the statistics of victories, the tank clearly falls short of the epic “kvass” … But gentlemen, who already remembers such distant times? We need to live for today and this car is the hangar reality itself, and it’s nothing like that.

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