World of Tanks: Guide to Object 430

Guide to the top-end ST of the USSR – Ob. 430. Development history, review of performance characteristics and tactics of application, pros and cons of the machine

Hello tankers!

Remember the traditional beginning of almost every fairy tale: “The father had three sons …”? At first glance, our today’s guest may seem like the very third son, but this is not entirely true. He is unusual, unlike his fellows, but from this he is not bad. So, probably, this metaphor from a fairy tale is inapplicable here. Well, let’s not test your knowledge of school literature and waste time – today we will talk about one of the magnificent Soviet “trinity” of ST in World of Tanks – meet the Object 430 !

Historical reference

The first years after the war, the armed forces of the USSR were equipped with only the T-54 and its various modifications, which were already considered morally obsolete at that time. Then it became clear that the army needed fundamentally new machines, the order for the development of which was sent to several design bureaus. On April 2, 1954, work officially began on a new promising tank, indexed Object 430. He was one of the contenders to replace the T-54. The draft design was ready by the end of 1954, and by July 1956, the technical design and a wooden model of the new tank in full size were completed.

Further, several prototypes were made and a series of lengthy tests began, as a result of which the government commission had to make the final choice of a candidate for launching into the series. The tanks were tested, deficiencies were identified and corrected, the design was improved, and comparisons were made. In the course of work, the Object 430 received a number of corrections and was ready to be launched into mass production, however, it turned out that the tank did not exceed the T-54 in many parameters and it was decided to abandon this project in favor of the Object 155/156 (hereinafter T-62A / T-62), which were unified with the T-54, and therefore cheaper to manufacture. On February 17, 1961, by a decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU, all work on the “Object 430” was curtailed. But the developments were not in vain – many innovative solutions were used in the “T” line. In particular,

The tank was not mass-produced, it was not in service.

Photo of the existing sample Object 430 in the Patriot Museum

Analysis of the performance characteristics of the tank

The performance characteristics are shown in the screenshot below, here I propose to discuss what awaits you on the battlefield.

Full list of tank performance characteristics

Armor protection. Our tank – the only one of the three ST of the USSR has a unique form of VLD and has a thickness of as much as 120 mmthat inspires respect. And it’s okay that the T-54 has the same VLD, but the rest of the ST-10 “soviets” do not. Just be aware of this. Often, this does not play any role in our levels of battles, however, you must admit, it is nice to get an unexpected ricochet by exposing the enemy’s body at an angle. Sometimes it can save your life, but more often it is nothing more than an accident. Our tower is traditionally Soviet. That is, it has a shape that vaguely resembles a sphere. Although on our tank it looks more like that of the T-54. It will not “tank” thousands of damage, but sometimes it is able to hold back the blow. Circular thicknesses are: 120/248 mm, 80/185 mm, 40/63 mm (case / tower). We’ve seen this somewhere before, haven’t we? And, after all, this is a Soviet ST, for sure! From here follows a similar gameplay, which is slightly different for our guest, and how – we’ll talk below.

The number of hit points of our car is a beautiful 2000 units.

Firepower. Remember, in previous reviews I sang praises to the Soviet U-8TS gun? So, here the gun is the same, but of course I will not do it. Do you know all why? Because. Our developers decided that Soviet STs are very similar to each other and they need to be divided into roles. Thus, the “tanking” T-62, Object 140 has turned out, distributing “turntables” in cabbage soup for 500 meters. What did our copy get – you ask and you will be right. We were given a mind-boggling PDM that is impossible to implement.

Yes, the numbers for the cannon are the same: 264/330 mm of penetration (BP / KS), 320 single damage, but our barrel reloads faster than the others, all other things being equal, and with maximum damage swing, it can knock out more than 3700 units per minute from the enemy ! Wait, wait, otherwise I can already hear shouts: “Give me two!” All of this is peppered with terrifying stabilization and mixing as much as 2.3 seconds. On paper, the numbers are not so great, but in reality you have to stop and wait for a report, and in the X level of battles this is not forgiven. I will not mention that we can keep the enemy “on the rink”, yes, we do. Try to hit it with our cannon! But if the enemy is under your nose, then it is definitely not good for him.

With a trained crew and without modules, our accuracy will be 0.38 m per 100 m – a deplorable result. If we recall the still lacking stabilization, then we have a kind of boxer, the king of short distances, because he simply does not hit the long distances. Aiming is 2.3 s, but reloading is 6.4 s. These 0.2 s differences with colleagues in the shop were given to us by a whole bunch of restrictions, so that you don’t even know which is better in such a situation. If we maximize all the indicators of our car, then we can achieve the following figures: reloading – 5.14 s , mixing – 2.09 s, accuracy – 0.34 m per 100 m. I mentioned the DPM above.

The UHN of the tank is the same as that of all “Soviets”, even a little worse: -5 ° down and 16 ° up. The style of play is the same – we use the relief, in the city we take a position where we have a hidden body and play “from the tower”. In addition, we have the lowest silhouette of all the ST of the USSR, which should also be used.

Dynamics. The maneuverability and mobility of our car are also on the level, but this plays a cruel joke with us. On the one hand, everything seems to be good, but after all, the movement of the weapon’s performance deteriorates, and this is where it becomes a little sad. The numbers here are standard in most cases – 55 km / h forward and 20 km / h back. The power of the 5TD diesel engine is the same as that of the other pumped-through STs – 580 hp. Machine weight is 35.75 tons, respectively, specific power – 16.22 hp / t. We rotate in place at a speed of 52 ° / s, which is pretty fast.

Detection. Overview – 400 m, like all Soviet STs. Not a record holder, but not an outsider either. Easy to expand to a digestible 420-425m with crew equipment and skills. The best camouflage among the top Soviet STs due to the tank’s record low profile. In general, if you put two “Ob.430” on top of each other, then the resulting structure will be the same height as the Maus. Well, or E 100. Whoever likes it better. In our case, a low height is both a plus and a minus at the same time. On the one hand, it is easier to hide in the folds of the terrain and remain unnoticed after the shot, but on the other, it imposes its own limitations. Well, and the classic recommendation – disguise should be pumped if the other necessary perks have already been researched.

Choice of equipment, consumables and crew perks

Crew pumping. All Soviet STs are designed to grind the enemy in a matter of minutes. Our guest is a complete confirmation of this. We will pump the crew accordingly, only taking into account its specific features:

  • Commander:“Bulb”, “Repair”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Jack of all trades”
  • Gunner:“Repair”, “Smooth Turret Rotation”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Master Gunsmith”
  • Mekhvod:“Repair”, “Smooth ride”, “Combat brotherhood”, “King of the off-road”
  • Loader:Repair, Proximity Ammo Stack, Combat Brotherhood, Desperate

Choice of equipment. Here everything is also familiar and without revelation. And what unique thing can you think of for the classics of the “esthetic” genre? On the battlefield, we can play different roles, the main one of which is one:

Play style “Support”: “Rammer”, “Stabilizer”, “Fan”, this assembly enhances our already strong qualities, allowing us to deal more damage, and also comprehensively improves all the main characteristics of the machine.

The choice of shells. The ammunition load of our tank also consists of only 50 shells, like the rest of the ST-10 of the USSR. You need to dispose of them wisely, and if you take into account the capricious cannon, then this is a completely non-trivial task. But how to distribute them is up to you; on my own I will offer a couple of assembly options:

Set up of shells for playing in random (BP / KS / HE):

  • “Support 1”– 35/15/0
  • “Support 2”– 30/20/0

Choice of equipment. A repair kit , a first aid kit and an auto extinguisher are your main friends at all times. If you want to get the most out of the car or set the goal of a game for the result, you can replace, for example, a fire extinguisher with a “doppay” and then things will go more fun for you. For example, I do just that. And in order not to catch fire inadvertently, just do not expose yourself to enemy shots. The ration gives a good increase in stabilization and other key parameters, try it, because if not to use it on “tops”, then where else?

Information window about our car

Tank tactics and tips

As I wrote above – Object 430 is a kind of melee king. At long range, its advantages are not so obvious. Here, like its brothers, everything is still in its place – the average alpha, the outrageous DPM, armor not bad by the standards of classmates. But there is no stabilization. And the decision of the developers to endow the car with an unrealizable chip actually looks rather strange. If the T-62A or Ob.140 have a clear advantage that distinguishes it among all, then here it is somewhat blurry.

It would seem to take a position under the nose of the enemy and start pounding him, what could be easier? But no. First, no one will let you do it. Secondly, in order to inflict damage, you will have to leave and wait for information, and these are precious seconds of time that decide a lot in high-level battles. Where the 62nd or 140th is shown for a second for a shot, so much so that no one has time to react, our “object” imposingly rolled out and seemed to be waiting for a response. This gives rise to strange feelings. But if the problem with the distance is solved, then in a minute, provided that the shells are sold 100%, you can easily turn one and a half or two classmates into a smoking colander. Here it is worth mentioning that “turntables” are strictly prohibited to us . Take my word for it, don’t even try, your own people will laugh at you.

We will have to fight with all classes of equipment, but more often with ST and TT. Therefore, the advice regarding the game will be similar to the rest of the cars of the nation. Stay close to the actions taking place, if possible, create them yourself. All the recommendations from the previous parts will suit our car, but with only one condition – you need to either get as close to the enemy as possible, or completely reduce in order to realize firepower. Be prepared for these scenarios and alternate them for the most effective play. Who will be able to unleash the potential of the tank is a moot point. After all, in almost everything he is a copy of his colleagues in the nation, with only one difference, for the implementation of which you will have to play aggressively, and this is not given to everyone.

We also have disadvantages. Specifically, a tower that can instill false hopes in your armor. It is better not to count on it. Almost all classmates can penetrate the hull, but we sometimes “tank” Tier VIII-IX tanks. Sometimes there are unexpected and pleasant ricochets from this, especially in close maneuvering combat. But you shouldn’t count on them either. The tower is pierced right above the gun, it’s worth knowing about it. The tank burns no less often and no more often than its colleagues, this unites them.

There are few such cars in the random house, so prushchiy without fear at the enemy 430 can embarrass someone, but leave intimidation with your appearance as a last resort. In some situations, the classic “tanking from the side” works well. In general, you can try to expose your opponent’s forehead at unfavorable angles, thereby spreading them for a shot. But here the main thing is control and self-control, because you only have to put the skating rink a little, and that’s it. So this feature is for confident and hard-core tankers. In this way, I was able to “breed” inexperienced players to shoot and give them two or three slaps in the face during reloading. Well, of course, against “Yagdpanzer” such a technique does not work, think for yourself, with whom you can play such games. We are able to “twist” someone, the main thing here is different – so that the gun does not let down.

In general, use the relief, take care of HP, do not substitute yourself under the enemy, live as long as possible and benefit the team. Only such tactics will lead you to success and victory in particular.

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the tank. Outcomes


  • off scale for 3,700 DPM units;
  • good armor in the frontal projection of the tank;
  • excellent dynamics and maneuverability;
  • low profile and good camouflage;
  • recharge in 5 s;


  • frequent criticality of tanks;
  • vulnerabilities in the frontal projection of the tank;
  • low one-time damage;
  • almost no stabilization and accuracy;
  • limited UHN.

Overall, the Object 430 is a good tank that will find its player. I do not recommend downloading it in the first place, because it can spoil the first impression of the branch. But if you are already tired of the same type of battles at 140 or 62 and want something new, then this is your choice. Moreover, the branch of pumping this vehicle is worth it, especially starting from Tier VIII. “Nine” is simply gorgeous, and the debate over whether the Ob. 430-II is in its place has not ceased to this day, as well as around the story of the ST-I and IS-4. Try this device, otherwise you risk not feeling the buzz that “objects” give you!


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