World of Tanks: 59-Patton Guide

China Premium ST Guide – 59-Patton. History of creation, performance characteristics and tactics, pros, cons and farm indicators

Hello tankers!

Today our guest is an unusual car. Unusual in every sense. And in appearance, and in name, and in the aggregate of characteristics and in appearance in the game, even in the changed attitude of the players towards it. In terms of the level of indignation in the community, its introduction into the game is comparable only to the loud “ups” or “nerfs” of individual vehicles in World of Tanks , and its initial performance characteristics made even tanks below the level laugh. Let’s not delay any longer, today at the review of the masterpiece of the game balance department of Wargaming and Chinese engineering, meet – [b] 59-Patton [| b]!

Historical reference

In the late fifties of the last century, the Chinese army needed new tanks. In this regard, the design of a new vehicle was launched to replace the existing Type 59. During the work on the prototype and various experiments, various parts of the tanks of that time were used. Not necessarily made in China. Thus, at times absolutely bizarre combinations were born, like ours today – a tank with a Type 59 hull and a turret with a fire control system from M48A3.

No matter how detailed information about this machine is on the open spaces of the network, we will be content with squeezing from the wiki of Wargaming itself.

The tank was not mass-produced, it was not in service.

This tank is most likely an artistic fiction of Wargaming and there is no available information about the real-life samples.

Art by unsurpassed Marm

Analysis of the performance characteristics of the tank

The performance characteristics of the car in the screenshot below, here we will discuss what awaits you on the battlefield.

Full list of tank performance characteristics

Armor protection. Everything is quite simple here – a hull from a type, a tower from a Patton. On this, the description could have been completed, but not everything is so simple. Observing formalities, we describe the thicknesses: 100/178 mm from the forehead, 80/76 mm from the side and 45/50 mm from the stern (hull / turret). Do not let such a “reservation” give you illusions about some kind of protection. Moreover, this unit has a full level of combat. Yes, sometimes something can bounce off the tower because of the ricochet shape, but nothing more. This is the exception rather than the rule.

The number of units of durability we have is average for ST: 1,400.

Firepower. “Power” in our case sounds ridiculous enough, seriously, what kind of firepower can we talk about when the armor penetration of the main projectile is 190 mm? Well, yes, I don’t argue, it’s quite a standard and usual penetration at Tier VIII, you can even live with this (call me a KV-5 with its 167 mm). Almost everyone makes their way in the forehead, with the sides there are no problems at all, but this is for me. Well, or for any other player with more than 10-15 thousand battles. Moreover, at release we had a ridiculous 173 mm breakout, considering that this tank was played in the tens. 173, Karl! Funny, isn’t it?

We got the gun from Patton – 90 mm Gun M41. This is a classic of American 90mm guns. Average damage is 240 HP, penetration with a basic projectile is 190 mm, and with a premium cumulative shell of 250 mm, which is already better. There is a land mine with indicators 45/320, we will mention it for decency. From the American, we got the relative comfort of firing, high-level weapons and stabilization. In all other respects, we are a strong average.

If we take a 100% trained crew and put it in our tank, we get the following fire performance figures: accuracy – 0.36 m per 100 m, aiming time – 2.3 s, reload time will be 7.5 s. If we pump our car as much as possible to inflict damage, then we end up with: 0.32 m per 100 m, 2.02 s for aiming and 5.93 s for reloading. Not bad, agree. Thus, the damage per minute increases from the initial 1920 units to 2427. With our new characteristics, these figures no longer seem to us as exorbitant as before.

The tank has UVN, because it also has American roots. -9 ° down and 19 ° up – worthy, as for a Chinese, you must agree. They cannot be neglected, another thing is that you cannot use them always and everywhere.

Dynamics. Everything here is surprisingly good, like the “original”. 520 hp engine accelerates our tank up to 50 km / h forward and does it quite cheerfully. The maximum reverse speed is 20 km / h. The specific power of the tank is 14.3 hp / t. On the spot, the tank rotates at a speed of 46 ° / s.

Detection. Review – about how many copies were broken about this figure after entering the machine. Not only do we have a tower, count from “ten”, so the commander’s hatch on it is even larger than on the M48A3 itself, BUT! Our view was a measly 370 m, which is even less than that of the Type 59 itself ! The developers at that time professed the concept of “Free-to-Win” and believed that premium vehicles should not be better pumped, and 59-Patton and STA-2 were the apogee of this idea’s failure. People were offered to buy tanks for money, which are obviously worse.their pumped colleagues. But fortunately, this madness soon ended and we were given the figures we were entitled to, which are pretty good both for our level and for cars above a level of 400 m. Which, by installing simple equipment, turn into 420, 430, or even frightening 445 m. We don’t have any special camouflage – all because of the size, because the tank turned out to be quite high.

Farm quality. For an average battle with 1500-2000 damage, you will export an average of 20-35 thousand pure silver without PA and 30-50 thousand pure silver, taking into account the active PA. Also, the tank does not have a preferential level of battles and often requires firing premium shells, which imposes some restrictions on farming. Sometimes situations happen that you either went to zero, or even went into negative because of the use of cumulative factors, but fortunately, with proper skill, such situations can be avoided.

Choice of equipment, consumables and crew perks

Crew pumping. There will often be either an existing crew from another ST of the nation, or a novice crew, again, for another ST of the nation, so I advise you to upgrade the crew in accordance with the national characteristics of the branch:

  • Commander:“Bulb”, “Repair”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Jack of all trades”
  • Gunner:“Repair”, “Smooth Turret Rotation”, “Combat Brotherhood”, “Master Gunsmith”
  • Mekhvod:“Repair”, “Smooth ride”, “Combat brotherhood”, “King of the off-road”
  • Loader:Repair, Proximity Ammo Stack, Combat Brotherhood, Desperate

Choice of equipment. We play most often from the second or third line, and in the battles of the older levels we have no choice at all. Therefore, we will carry out the assembly of equipment for a similar sabotage and reconnaissance mission:

Style of play “Support”: “Rammer”, “Stabilizer”, “Fan”, classic build that performs equally well in all conditions on most cars. An undying classic that will suit anyone – this is how you can briefly describe this set of equipment.

The choice of shells. We don’t have a lot of rounds in the ammunition load: 54 pieces, but this is often enough. In my memory, there was not a single battle where I would have spent all the shells. Sets for playing in different situations are given below, use it to your health!

Set-up of shells for playing in random (BB / KS / HE):

  1. “Top list support”– 36/16/2
  2. “Support for the bottom of the list”– 30/22/2

Choice of equipment. The repair kit , first aid kit and auto extinguisher are classics in their genre. You can, of course, put on a ration, but I think this is not the tank for which one could go on such experiments.

Information window about our car

Tank tactics and tips

The 59-Patton is a rather strange machine. Moreover, it remains so to this day. At the very dawn of its appearance, the characteristics of the tank were extremely bad. Then the following paradigm prevailed: “premium vehicles should be worse than their pumped counterparts.” But not that much worse! 173 mm of penetration, with an average level of 190 mm! Review 370 m, 370, Karl ! 370m from Patton tower, are you serious ?! Driving performance left much to be desired, and coupled with no stabilization and ultimate precision, it was just a failure. Who could buy it with such performance characteristics remains a mystery to me.

Then the community entered the game, reasonably arguing that it was impossible to play on “this”, to which the developers did not answer in any way. “Rubicon”, I think, is remembered by everyone, as well as the events that took place after it. The well-known blogger became the head of the game balance department, and the “tanks” began a new round of the development spiral (no). This was followed by several iterations of the Chinese “ups”. First, we tightened the penetration – I think 190 mm looks better than 173. Then, through the update, our patient was added a little more stabilization and final accuracy and “attached” a normal view, so the joke about the undersized crew, which does not reach the observation devices anymore not relevant. In the near future, by the way, in update, its characteristics will be improved once again, having been awarded normal (finally!) Armor penetration of 212 mm.

As for the game fate of the long-suffering “prema” – it is as tortuous and thorny as his path, the path of a warrior. Initially, only fans of the Chinese branch, who were tired of the old Type-59, or completely unintelligent players who bought a cactus out of ignorance, could play on it. Perhaps there was still a layer of players who bought it “for the collection” or for fun, that’s all. All of its gameplay and accompanying statistics were quite unfortunate. What do we have now? And at the moment we have such a good “prem”, somewhere on the level of the T25 Pilot . He practically does not differ from his colleagues in the workshop, both premium and pumped.

The style of play on it is similar to its prototype, the WoT legend with an index of 59, but with a slightly greater emphasis on shooting at medium distances and visibility. In general, this is a rather funny hybrid of the American “top” and the Chinese variation on the T-54 theme. It is played now quite averagely, in no way inferior to its colleagues. Doesn’t bring much pleasure, “farm” – and okay. The thin hull and the same tower let almost all the blanks flying at you. The Chinese fragility of the modules and crew has not disappeared anywhere, everything is also in place. We can shoot with our penetration only on the sides of enemy equipment and occasionally head-on, and the level of battles leaves us no chance at all. But we will not completely bury the tank, it still has potential.

A high-set cannon and (suddenly!) A high-pressure gun at -9 ° transparently hints to us how, after all, we should play on it. Contrary to the canons of the game on Soviet / Chinese PTs, we need to move closer and realize ourselves from the hills and folds of the terrain. It’s strange to hear this about such a technique, but this is the merit of the American part of the tank – the turret. Remember: this car should be played on the terrain, not in the fields: this way you will live longer and feel more comfortable. Use the terrain wisely, and experience the rest.

The main enemy on the battlefield for us will be ST and LT, about “heavy” with such a penetration can be forgotten for now, except to shoot them on the sides. From the recommendations – stay close to the collision points, because you can only shoot damage at the sirloin parts there. Do not forget that our tank is still Chinese, and, therefore, the accuracy is “not so hot”. But still it is worth saying that in comparison with what it was, the machine received such a serious “facelift” and began to feel much better. Especially given the lack of a preferential level of battles. It’s not worth climbing forward on such a tank – you will be swept away and not even noticed. Sitting behind is also not worth it – you will not hit anyone at a distance. Hence the eternal vocation – the tank of the second (third, seventh) line.

Speaking of weak points, for enemy shells, even Tier VIII, our tank is one continuous weak point. Just try, if possible, not to show the enemy a weak hull, show better the tower, and then with caution, it has at least some kind of armor. Despite its heavy appearance, our apparatus drives across the field quite cheerfully and it will not be difficult for it to occupy a point or change it quickly. They also tightened the “Stab” on the move, so sometimes you can even twist someone.

To summarize: stay in your pack, “tank” your allies, do not take damage, use the relief and do not substitute. Do not sit on the red line, but do not rush into the heat of battle with a saber bald. Then you may even understand the “zen” of this machine, by the way, I did not understand it.

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the tank. Outcomes


  • impressive ammunition;
  • good driving performance of the tank;
  • pleasant view of 400 m at VIII level;
  • excellent UHN, as for the Chinese;
  • the presence of premium cumulatives with a penetration rate of 250 mm;
  • the tower rotates rather quickly;


  1. almost no armor;
  2. poor permeability on all types of soils;
  3. small one-time damage;
  4. a huge kombashenka, larger than that of the original;
  5. large dimensions of the tower itself.

To summarize, I would like to say that the 59-Patton is a rather strange tank. He has never been the leader or favorite among many premium cars and is unlikely to be. This “prem” is quite distinctive and controversial, but nevertheless it will find its fans. It has a contradictory set of characteristics and this must be taken into account. Only a good player can open it, and I can only recommend it to people who know what they are doing or to collectors. If you just want to earn silver, then you better look towards more understandable and classic “farmers”, including the M4A1 Revalorisé , Rheinmetall Skorpion , or the classics represented by the “Lion” and T34 .


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