What is the World Food Agency

The United Nations Agency which was established to, among other things, increase food production and promote agriculture in a broad sense (Food and Agricultural Organization / FAO).

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What is the World Food Agency

The World Food Agency (FAO) is a multinational organization under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) and based in Rome, Italy. The World Food Agency was formed in 1945 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Then in 1951, the headquarters was moved from Washington, DC to Rome, Italy. At present the World Food Agency has 189 members.

The goals of the World Food Agency

The World Food Agency was formed with the aim of raising the level of nutrition and living standards; increase production, marketing processes and distribution of food and agricultural products; promoting rural development; and eliminate hunger. Examples of concrete steps they eradicate the Mediterranean fruit flies from the Caribbean River Valley benefit the US citrus industry.

Main Activities of the World Food Agency

To meet the goals of the world food agency, 4 activities have been concentrated into 4 parts, namely;

  1. Development assistance for developing countries, especially against hunger.
  2. Information on nutrition, food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
  3. Reducing poverty in rural areas, through agricultural productivity.
  4. Creating a more inclusive and efficient agricultural and food system.

The activity was carried out so that millions of people in the world who currently depend their lives on natural resources are better prepared and able to maintain their food security. Besides giving advice to the country to reduce the risk of world food security disasters.


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