World Earth Day Today: Plant trees for environmental protection

Scientists say that the best creatures on Earth were only Suryanarayan in this universe millions of years before the birth of man. A piece of Sun formed the Earth which was a blazing fireball. Earth has cooled over millions of years. About 5700 million years ago, water was generated on Earth. Life began on Earth after water. Seventy percent of the Earth is covered with water, then some more would have been done. Gradually, the number of fauna and plants increased.


Atmospheres before the birth of man, hydrosphere (sea, river, rivulets, ponds, lakes), mountains and valleys, icy and sandy plains, long flat plains, dense forests, billions of trillions of trees and plants. – were animals. It directly means that life of plants, animals, atmosphere is possible without man, but life of man is impossible without them. Why, because if air is not available for three minutes, then a person dies.


Our mother Earth gives us millions of grains or fruits instead of a seed. In this Annapurna Mata’s stomach, we are hitting the ax on our own feet with chemical waste, non-perishable garbage, polythene and plastic pouches. We should be very careful in this matter.


The tree has given hundreds of grants to humans like death, water, shade, bread-cloth, house, furniture, medicine, paper, ink, paint, cosmetics, alcohol, tools, fragrant substances etc. Trees themselves drink the poison of noise and air pollution. Trees carry rain water through their roots to the inside of the earth to keep tube wells in the heat.


The grants of trees do not end here. Prince Siddhartha attained Kaivalya knowledge under the shade of the tree and became Lord Buddha. Lord Shiva rests in the shadow of the banyan. The world knows the relationship between Panchavati and Shri Ram and Kadamba and Shri Krishna. All 24 Tirthankaras of Jains, including Lord Mahavira, have received Kaivalya knowledge under some tree and the initiation of 20 Tirthankaras was performed in the shadow of the Ashoka tree.


Sita Mata was afflicted by the grief of rebellion and remorse, despite being surrounded by horrific demons who tortured and pressurized, she did not suffer from the mindset of despair, depression and defeat. The trees of Ashoka Vatika not only insulted them, but also gave them the unique courage to face adversity while giving them psycho-physical force, self-confidence and moral strength.


From the above statements, it seems clear that the trees keep filling us with the feelings of tolerance, generosity, generosity, compassion, kindness, affection, non-violence, co-ordination, humanity, harmony, family, tolerance and world brotherhood. I have come to the conclusion that the cause of family fragmentation, class discrimination, violence, mutual enmity, lack of unity and unbridled terrorism in India is the ruthless harvesting of trees and forests.


by Abdullah Sam
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