Have you ever heard that your colleague, a graduate from a leading tertiary institution, was hired to work in a large company with an amazing salary, but finally decided to change direction because he said: “The work is not in line with my passion”?
On the other hand, have you ever heard of a colleague who is trying to find a job that suits his passion, to the point of being willing to be unemployed for several months? It has been called several times by a number of companies, but because the work offered is not in accordance with its passion, finally passed away. Or have you ever heard of a colleague of yours who has worked for a long time, but turns out to be a “jumping flea” who doesn’t last long in a company because he is still looking for what his passion really is?
Hearing the experiences of your colleagues, then how should you choose the ideal job? Do you need to find a job that suits your passion? Or actually working not in accordance with passion is not a problem?

What is Passion?

Before we peel further, let’s study together, what is meant by passion itself? Passion can be said to be a passion, which according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) means strong desire (desire, courage). Passion can also be interpreted as a spirit that means a willingness to work, struggle, and so on. In other words, passion is a strong will or desire to do something. 
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