Does working with ex work? I’ll tell you the secret of the reconquest!

Ending a relationship is never easy, especially if you still love the person who is no longer with you. You spend sleepless days and nights, crying and thinking about what you could have done to save the relationship. I’ve been through this and I know how painful it is. However, lamenting is not the solution! If you think that the end of the relationship was a mistake and that it is worth fighting for the two of you, it is time to act. Today I brought some tips to get back with the ex and win him back. Are you ready?

This whole process has one objective: to help your ex to remember everything good in you. You must act as a rational and mature person, it must help you understand that you are able to change, grow, develop and be a little better every day. This is fundamental. You should also be aware that it will not be a simple process. However, every effort will give you and your partner a new opportunity to be happy.

In today’s text we will cover the following topics:

  • Why do you want to go back with the ex?
  • Tips for getting back with your ex
  • Is that what you want?
  • Your attitude is the key

Why do you want to go back with the ex?

Thinking about the reasons for wanting to go back with your ex is fundamental. If you want to go back to your ex because you are sad and alone and don’t like being single, it is better to reconsider the idea. Just because you miss him doesn’t mean that getting back with him is the best option. These feelings disappear over time. Now, if you believe that the separation was a mistake and that you have a future together, go ahead.

Tips to get you back with your ex

Gaining love back and getting back with your ex can be a very scary event. Even worse when you do and say the wrong things, you can just throw it away and eliminate the only opportunity for reconciliation you had. However, if you play with the right weapons and show the qualities that your ex fell in love with, you can rekindle the spark and succeed. Here are some tips that can help you get your ex boyfriend back.

Make a self reflection

Reflect on what went wrong between your ex and you. If you are willing to correct mistakes, making a list of all the factors that contributed to the separation can help. You need to get all the negative thoughts out of your head and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You must be strong and not let your emotions dominate you. Don’t get carried away by depression. You cannot recover your ex if you cannot control your emotions. Negative thoughts lead to destructive behavior.

Accept that that relationship is over

As much as you want to, there is nothing you can do to erase what happened. Don’t be obsessed with the past. Focus more on what is happening right now. Think that the relationship was not perfect, this will be the basis for returning with the ex. You will not be able to get a second chance if you deny the problems you had in the relationship. On the contrary, you must identify and address the problems that led to the disruption.

Don’t take shortcuts

When I say that you shouldn’t take shortcuts, I mean that you shouldn’t expect your ex to be with you overnight. To get it back you must take things easy and avoid mistakes at all costs. This will reduce the level of effort and the time it takes for your ex boyfriend to be with you again.

For now, you should dedicate yourself to putting your thoughts in order and trying to avoid unwanted activities or actions. There will be a certain amount of time to send emails, chat, make calls and even not make them.

Do not send gifts or love cards in order to get your ex-boyfriend’s attention. The first question your ex will ask under these circumstances will be, why didn’t you do these things when we were together? Now, what’s the use?

Forgive and forget

When you understand the reason for the breakup, you are likely to learn to forgive your ex-boyfriend and accept his flaws. With that, the pain you are now feeling will gradually disappear. If you can’t leave what happened behind, you won’t be able to get it back.

Learn to apologize

If you know you did something wrong, ask for forgiveness. When you say sorry, it means that you don’t want to do it again and that you are able to recognize your mistakes. It is through forgiveness that the relationship can be healed.

Stay attractive

You must become your ex’s object of desire. To do this, you need to worry about taking care of yourself and your physical appearance. You could choose to change your look a little bit, maybe with new makeup or clothes. It is also important that you take care of your health by exercising and eating healthily. If you do, you will feel good inside and out and be very sure of yourself and happy.

Remember that women who are confident and happy are definitely much more attractive to men, including your ex.

Show yourself safe

In addition to physics, you need to look good emotionally. Maintain your good mood, your self-esteem , act in a natural and safe way, do not show irritability or resentment. No man wants to be with a woman who is constantly complaining or angry. Maintain your good mood so that your energy is always positive.

Correct your mistakes and learn from them

If the cause of your breakup was because you were too controlling, jealous, insecure and unpredictable, then you must work on those aspects and try to be the best version of yourself. The next time you see him, show that you’ve changed for the better. In this way, your ex-boyfriend will realize that you have made an effort to change.

Don’t show despair

Crying and begging to come back every time you see him is a really bad idea. If you think your tears are going to draw you back, think twice. These signs of despair will end up doing just the opposite and he will run in the opposite direction. Desperately asking him to stay will only make you look needy and validate his negative opinion of you.


Start talking to him normally, without flirting. Start normal and pleasant conversations. Don’t try to do everything at the same time, say what you have to say and let him speak. Show that he can talk to you without feeling that he should apologize for anything. After doing this, he will start to enjoy talking to you.

Organize meetings

After a few weeks without contact, contact him via email or a phone, for example, and invite him to meet you, but in a group. After you go out in groups and the ice breaks, invite your ex to go out for coffee or a nearby activity, where you can show that you’ve changed. You can flirt subtly and show that you are still attractive.

Use your memories

After spending time alone, invite your ex to perform activities that have been associated with your relationship, such as cooking, doing physical activities … The goal is to remind you of happy moments, adding flirtations and changes to get you back.

Be patient

Don’t ask your ex directly if he wants to go back with you, remember that getting him back is convincing him that there are still mutual feelings that are worth trying a second time.

Take it easy

Seeing you confident, happy and sure of himself, he will be very attracted to you. However, you must restrict physical contact with your ex, this will increase the desire for you. Taking things slow is best, so you can rebuild your relationship little by little. If you hurry, you can put everything to waste.

The big moment

The time will come when someone must take a small step. If, after following the tips above, you notice that there is an interest in recovering the relationship between the two sides, you can encourage it to move forward. Tell him about your desire to go back with him and listen to what he has to say, always keeping calm and showing understanding.

Is that what you want?

Don’t forget to reflect very well why you want to go back with your ex. Remember that although you are very sure about your desires at first, that feeling can change. Restarting a broken relationship can end up resulting in a new separation, this time worse. Think about it.

Your attitude is the key

The key to this whole process is that you value yourself first and analyze the changes you can make to become a better person. Show your ex that you are a safe and valuable woman that he is about to lose forever. Having a mature attitude about this whole situation will show your ex that everything is fine with you, with or without him. If he doesn’t want to come back with you, despite all your efforts, you will have learned valuable lessons and a different person will come out of that experience. However, if it works and you return with your ex, enjoy it and be happy.

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