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Little remains to be added about Apalabrados , the first mobile game developed by the people of Etermax (the same company that created the hit Trivia Crack ) that took Spanish territory by storm. Almost ten years after its release, Apalabrados has a wide fan base who constantly challenge themselves, discovering new words within a veritable salad of letters. If you are one of them, then it is very likely that one of the sites that we will share below will be useful for you to improve in your games …

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  • Apalabrados: Of letters and deputies
  • The best word search engines for Apalabrados
  • In summary

Apalabrados: Of letters and deputies

Some sources will tell you that Apalabrados is a very popular game among older people , along with other titles such as Criminal Case , and Pokémon Go itself . Others probably highlight the millions of downloads and performance problems that its latest version seems to be suffering, judging by the comments on the Play Store. However, I think the best Apalabrados anecdote is the one that involved two Spanish deputies in December 2012, who were photographed in a pure Apalabrados session while they were voting on the so-called “Accompaniment Law . 

Basically, that confirms that Apalabrados is a game that arouses passions, and that its users return to again and again. With that in mind, we found that some players want an extra edge, a “training ground” (if we can call it that) that allows them to get words for Applauded , and score more points. Are you one of those players? If the answer is yes, I imagine that one of these sites will serve you a lot …

The best word search engines for Apalabrados


The Worder portal offers support for seven different languages. It also explains simply how you can use wildcards (maximum of 3) , or patterns in case you want to find a more specific word. The advanced section has options to interpret CH, RR, and LL as separate tiles (Wordless rules) , or as single tiles (Scrabble) . Advertising is minimal, and does not generate interference.


A quick visit to Palabras-Spalabrados.info reveals that their language support is slightly more limited (Spanish, British English , and American English) , and that the patterns are actually “masks.” The results are presented in the form of tabs, two or three depending on the use of masks. The first focuses on words that you can form with the letters entered, and the second on hypothetical combinations with other letters.


This site is the most interesting in terms of interface, and adds Catalan as a supported language in addition to Spanish and English. The maximum number of letters we can enter is 12. Wildcards are represented by asterisks, and in the patterns section we use hyphens or dots to form the structure of a word (Note: The letters used in the patterns section must also appear in letters available) . The order of the words is defined by letters or punctuation, and as a final extra, Apalabrados.org exists in app edition.

In summary

With the help of these three portals, searching for Sponsored words will become routine. You will be able to optimize your games and take them to the limit, no matter how strange the combination of letters available is. Enjoy!

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