Womens Day Essay: Hindi Essay on Women’s Day

There is a verse in Sanskrit- ‘Yasya Pujyante Narayastu Tatra Ramante Deity:. That is, where the woman is worshiped, the gods reside there. Woman’s honor has been given great importance in Indian culture. But in the circumstances that appear in the present, women are being insulted everywhere. The man is ‘using’ it in his own way, considering it as an ‘object of enjoyment’. This is a matter of great concern. But it is necessary to consider how to respect the woman while maintaining our culture.


Mother should always be respected: Mother means woman as mother, in its holiest form on earth. Mother means mother. Mother is considered more than God, because the birth-mother of God has also been a woman. We can see this in the context of Mother Devaki (Krishna) and Mother Parvati (Ganapathi / Karthikeya).


But according to the changing times, the children have reduced their mother’s importance. This is a worrying aspect. Everyone is drowning in wealth and selfishness. But the respect of the woman as the mother who gave birth must be compulsory, which has been reduced at present, this question is being spread all over the world like Yakshaprashan nowadays. The new generation should introspect about this.


Girls are betting: If we look at the girls of today, we find that these girls are beating a lot these days. They can be seen moving in every field. Girls are moving fast in the merit list of various examinations. At one time they were considered weak, but they have gained proficiency in every field on the strength of their hard work and merit power. His talent should be respected.


Woman walking shoulder to shoulder : Woman’s entire life is spent walking shoulder to shoulder with the man. Her childhood passes under the shadow of the first father. In the father’s house also he has to do the housework and also have to continue his studies. His sequence continues till marriage.


During this time, he has to bear the dual responsibility of teaching and working with the housework, whereas during this time the boys have no work other than education. Some youngsters do not even study properly, whereas they have no other work. Seen from this perspective, women always walk shoulder to shoulder with men, but also discharge more responsibilities from them. Woman is also honorable in this way.


Post-marriage : After marriage, women bear even more heavy responsibilities. After serving husband, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, they have no time for themselves. She keeps on knocking the bull of the crusher in the family. After the birth of a child, their responsibility increases even more. It is not known when a common woman’s life is spent in a house, family, four-door stove. Many times she also strangles her aspirations for the sake of family. They do not get this much time even they live for themselves. Indian women are at the forefront of making their lives home for the sake of family. His sacrifice towards the family makes him an officer of honor.


Putting Sanskar in children : The work of filling sanskars in children is done by the woman as the mother. All of us have been hearing from childhood that the first teacher of children is the mother. The personality of the mother has both positive and negative effects on children.


Looking at the history, Mother Putlibai had planted the best rituals in Gandhiji and Jijabai in Shivaji Maharaj. The result of this is that we still know Shivaji Maharaj and Gandhiji today because of their superior deeds. His personality is vast and unique. By giving better values, making a child an example in the society, only a woman can do. Therefore, the woman is honorable.


The culmination of indecency: Nowadays the culmination of indecency is happening to women. We read and see daily in newspapers and news channels that women were molested or gang raped. This will be called moral decay. Hardly a day goes by when there is no news of indecency with women.


What is the reason for this? In print and electronic media, pornography is increasing day by day. It has a very bad effect on the minds and minds of young people. They start considering its implementation. The result is heinous and hate crime like Delhi gangrape. It is very important to consider this to protect the honor and dignity of the woman, as well as to protect her honor and identity.


Stubborn clothing is also a reason : the dress of some ‘modern’ women is also not decent. Sexual offenses are also increasing due to these clothes. These women think differently. They think we are modern. This idea cannot be said to be appropriate. It is not possible to emerge from the fact that crime has also been motivated by their clothes.


From History: Some famous women like Goddess Ahilyabai Holkar, Mother Teresa, Ila Bhatt, Mahadevi Verma, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Aruna Asaf Ali, Sucheta Kripalani and Kasturba Gandhi etc., have made their name and fame in the whole world with their mind and words. Have done Kasturba Gandhi has played an important role in liberating the country by becoming the left hand of Mahatma Gandhi, shoulder to shoulder with him.


Indira Gandhi has influenced India and world politics on the strength of her determination. They are not called iron-women only. Indira Gandhi did not lose heart despite the death of her father, husband and a son. Like a firm rock she continued to work in her field. Former US President Ronald Regan even called her a ‘clever woman’, because Indiraji was also adept at politics and speech.


In the end…

In the end, we would be right to say that we should respect every woman. As a result of disregard, feticide and not understanding the importance of women, the number of women is not even half that of men. Man should not forget that only after being born by a woman, he has been able to exist in the world and has reached here. It is not right to reject or insult him. In Indian culture, women have been given due respect for Goddesses, Durga and Lakshmi etc., so she should be given due respect.


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