Women can build positiveness in society with their thinking

From home to office. From politics to society. This is the period when women are establishing their dominance in every field. In many cases the participation of women is increasing continuously. Similarly, in this atmosphere of communalism and anarchy, women can play an important role, in fact, women can influence their children, husbands and other men in the house with their positive thinking and thoughts.
There is no doubt that positive thinking starts from home in any man and child. The environment that the child will see in the home or his family, especially the mother who will teach him, discuss the subjects with him, will later be included in his thoughts. Similarly, the thinking, thoughts and mentality of men can also be controlled or influenced to a large extent by the women of the house.

The role of women should be seen in this positive perspective because they are considered ‘soft’ as well as physically as well as mentally. They are very sensitive to many topics.
In such a situation when a chaotic situation arises in the society, women are first expected to be on the basis of their sensitivity.

However,  an exception in this case. Here a different picture was seen from the fixed image of women. It is true that here women have joined the demonstration for the freedom of their expression, but to include their innocent children in it, making them a part of such movements creates a different image than the image of women.
There is no denying that women have made their place in every field, but in the context of social awareness, it is also important for women to re-identify their strengths, from their female side at home, in society and Build your positive thinking in your workplace.

by Abdullah Sam
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