Wolfenstein: Youngblood Guide – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

In this section of our complete guide to Wolfenstein: Youngblood we leave you several tricks, tips and strategies for you to triumph over the Nazis.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Guide – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC , PS4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is new and, at the same time, it will remind us of previous installments of this saga. In this section of our complete guide we give you several tricks , tips and strategies so that the adaptation period to this new experience is minimal:

Wolfenstein Basics: Youngblood

Jess and Soph are the daughters of BJ Blazkowicz

Here we detail several things that are good to know before fully entering the game:

  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood has a lightweight RPG component. Both we and our enemies have a level that determines how “strong” we are. With this in mind, the gaming experience, despite having the foundations of this new Wolfenstein saga, can also be reminiscent of other titles such as Borderlands, or Destiny .
  • Play on the minimum difficulty if you play for achievements and / or trophies. The difficulty in which we play does not affect unlocking them, so if you want to save yourself unnecessary trouble, the ideal is to play Easy .
  • Although it is a game designed by and for the cooperative, it is possible to play alone. The AI ​​will handle the twin Blazkowicz that we don’t control. However, the ideal is to play with another person , since we cannot give orders of any kind to the AI.
  • There is no level selector like in Wolfenstein: The New Order, but the structure of the game is similar to that of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. At a certain point in history, we will be in a refuge from which we can select which will be our next destination, and we will be able to visit other parts of Paris.
  • The character you choose doesn’t matter. Jess and Soph are the same, and the only difference is the starting weapon. As we progress through the plot, we will be able to get all the weapons, abilities, and improvements, which are identical for both of them.
  • We will find money in the form of silver and gold through the stages. We use this money to improve weapons, and buy new motivational cues.
  • The game has no pause, even if we play alone. Do not trust yourself by pressing START and thinking that we are safe; the game world is still “alive”, and enemies can kill us.

Wolfenstein Combat: Youngblood

Fighting is a constant in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

In this section we are going to give you several basic guidelines regarding how to face the inevitable combat of the game.

  • The stages have multiple routes. Studying them closely is essential, since we don’t always have to eliminate all the enemies we see .
  • Stealth is not essential, but it can save us a lot of headaches, especially in areas where there are many enemies, and / or especially tough enemies. Use stealth whenever possible.
  • Some enemies have special armor, and we won’t be able to take life from them until we destroy itWe must look at the icon of this shield, since some weapons will be more suitable to destroy it than others . Being aware of this is essential to solve the shootings as soon as possible.
  • Using motivational cues at key points in fights can make the difference between living or dying. These skills that recharge over time provide us with bonuses such as increases in health, armor, or damage.
  • Playing with activated subtitles– especially those of enemies – can be useful , since, if you don’t know German, it’s a very good way of knowing what nearby enemies are up to.
  • Upgrading weapons is as important as leveling up. Combat comes down to the damage we do. If we do not have sufficient level and / or firepower, the stealth will often be unfeasible, or impossible, since we will not be able to instantly kill certain enemies.

Wolfenstein Collectibles: Youngblood

There are over 200 collectibles to collect

Here we’ll talk about Wolfenstein: Youngblood collectibles:

  • There are six different types of collectibles: 25 illustrations , 80 documents , 34 floppy disks , 41 cassettes , 72 3D glasses , and 25 UVK covers .
  • It is not mandatory to collect any collectibles, except for some diskettesthat we need to decipher to obtain keys for closed doors.
  • Laptops that give us tutorial information do not count as a collectible. However, collecting them is useful, since, in addition to giving us weight information, they give us experience.
  • Collecting each type of collectible item unlocks anindividual achievement / trophy .
  • By looking at the corresponding section of the menu, it is possible to know how many collectibles of each type are in the current level, how many there are in total, and how many of them we have.
  • Illustrations are concept artof the game.
  • The documents are the backgroundof the game.
  • Floppy disks give us useful information about the game, such as codes for security doors, or the location of ammunition caches and weapons or other collectibles.
  • The cassettes are music and / or recordings of the charactersthat we can listen to whenever we want.
  • 3D glasses unlock 3D modelsof the game.
  • The UVK covers are the background tothe game.


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