With which Roku device can I watch Disney +?

Welcome to the magical world of Disney , how much emotion the little ones of the house feel when this appears on the screen, is that without a doubt there are already several generations that we have enjoyed Disney movies and series. The best thing is that now Disney programming is not only for the little ones in the house.

Many adults have enjoyed adventure and action movies with famous actors, we   also enjoy watching Disney classics . With the arrival of streaming entertainment platforms, it was necessary for Disney to jump into this new world. It did so with the launch of Disney +, a streaming channel that has quickly become popular.

Disney + offers a wide variety of its own and Marvel films and series, including its famous classics. One of the characteristics of this platform is that you can download the movies to watch them whenever you want offline. Join us to learn more about this Disney streaming platform, we will show you how to access and enjoy all its content.

Features of the Disney + streaming channel

Something that has made this channel popular is having those children’s classics that everyone wants to see again. You can also see them at the time you want because you have the option to download the content you want .

Although this channel is new in a short time, it has become very popular thanks to its varied programming . Among the contents it has are the films of Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic programming and its own.

Disney + offers you to enjoy a service free of annoying ads, they also include popular series that you will surely want to see. Recently this channel is available for Latin America , with all its programming and you can access it from any device with your account.

You can download and install this Disney channel on your Smart TV , if you do not have one you can use compatible devices such as Roku, you just have to make sure that your Roku device is compatible and has this channel available in your country.

Let us quickly and easily help you find out if your Roku media streaming device is compatible. Also if you have a compatible Roku device we will show you how to download and install Disney + no matter where you live.

With which Roku device can I watch Disney +?

The first thing to take into account to enjoy Disney + programming is to know if your device is compatible. This is necessary because only devices that have the latest software update will be able to transmit this channel.

The Disney channel plus supports 4k ultra HD and Dolby Atmos technology on Roku devices. We are going to mention some Roku devices that have the necessary characteristics to download and install Disney plus.

Among these we have the Roku numbered from 1 to 4, Roku Express, Roku Express +, Roku LT 2700x. The last ones with 4k technology that are the Roku Premier, Roku Premier +, 4k Roku Ultra and 4k Roku Ultra LT. Ambien Roku streaming Stick, Roku streaming Stick +, Roku tv, and 4k Roku Smart Speaker and select Roku TV models.

But, although you may have one of these compatible Roku devices, Disney plus may not be available yet, for some unspecified reason for some Latin American countries this channel is not available for compatible Roku devices. But don’t worry, here we will show you the solution so that in a few steps you can download and install Disney + on your device.

The first thing you should do is make sure that your device is among the compatible ones that we mentioned a moment ago. If so, then go to the official Roku website , now log in with your account. When you start the session go to where it says My Account, there you will see a link called Add channel with a code.

When the screen to enter the code appears, place DPLUSWORKAROUND then click on Add channel, it’s that easy and fast. Now if you can enjoy all the programming that the Disney + streaming channel has for you on your Roku device.


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