Winter physical activity: see seven tips for not losing motivation

Fundamental to health and well-being, physical activity is present in the routine of thousands of people who seek quality of life, resistance and a beautiful body. However, keeping in shape throughout the year can be very challenging, especially when the most extreme seasons arrive.

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With the arrival of autumn, winter is also approaching and, for many, the season is home programs, movies, hot chocolate and little exercise. Low temperatures become real obstacles for those who are used to attending gyms or gym classes and, therefore, maintaining the motivation to not stop is also not easy.

However, the reasons that lead a person to exercise in neutral seasons can also serve as a motivation during winter and summer. Focusing on the goals and focusing on the results is the main secret to getting through the winter without losing to the cold weather. See seven ways to stay motivated and continue with your exercise routine even during the coldest days :

1. Think about summer

The motivation that many people find to go to the gym and exercise is the proximity of summer. However, when the heat season ends and the cooler days start to come, next summer seems too far away to continue worrying about fitness.

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Remember that the next summer will come and, if you don’t continue with the exercises continuously, the unwanted fat may appear in a short time. Those who are careless in the winter end up realizing the results with the arrival of spring and, when the urge to exercise hits, you have to race against time to be in shape until the beginning of next summer.

2. Remember your performance

Whatever the goal, if you’ve been practicing physical activity recently, you’ve probably experienced good results. Increased daily disposition and well-being, weight loss, health and a beautiful body may have been some of the advantages you have experienced with physical activity.

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Remember these results and think well if you would like to lose all of this now. When you stop exercising in the winter, the tendency is to fall into an accommodated routine, in addition to the risks of ending up gaining weight during the season.

3. Keeping an eye on the balance

If you have lost weight with physical activity, you must be aware that if you give up in the winter, it is very possible that you will end the season with a few extra pounds. Keeping an eye on the scale is a good way to motivate yourself, as you will want to return to exercise if you start to realize that you are accumulating fat in some regions of your body.

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Try to monitor your weight every day, preferably in the morning. It is better to control your weight frequently than to only realize the kilos gained at the end of the season. This way, you will probably find the strength to stay in line even during the coldest days.

4. Bet indoors

If the winter problem is facing cold days, think about indoor activities that can break the branch during the season. If you like running in a park, try the activity on a treadmill and look for the nearest gym to attend.

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As cold as it is, remember that there is no effect indoors and you can enjoy the benefits of physical activity in the same way.

5. Get closer to active friends

There is nothing better to feel motivated than receiving support and encouragement from people close to you who are also active. Get close to friends who exercise at this time, see what their motivations are and what positive results they have achieved by exercising all year round.

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In winter, you will probably have plenty of opportunities to eat goodies and spend quiet, sedentary days. Try to get more together with your athletic friends than with that inactive group of friends that will likely end up giving you plenty of opportunities to drop your diet and settle down.

6. Mentalize your goals

You probably have a goal with physical activity and, to achieve it, try to mentalize what you want every day. Exercise will not get you what you want like magic, but it will serve to keep motivation in your mind, which is the main fuel for the fulfillment of any desire.

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Many people believe that mentalization can help achieve something in some magical and effortless way. However, there is no way to achieve something if you do not take any steps towards your goal. By mentalizing, it is possible to stay focused on what you want and feel even more willing to experience the results of the effort.

7. Insist on activities

Persistence is one of the best ways to stay motivated. If you insist on exercising even on the worst days, the activity will become a habit and, after a while, it will be difficult for you not to exercise, as your body will want to follow the habit naturally. The more you insist on a physical activity routine, the easier it will get used to.

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Set up a weekly exercise schedule and try to follow with a lot of discipline. One day of quitting can be enough for you to end up quitting many other days as well. Also, remember the excellent feeling of accomplishment when you are able to follow all the activities that were scheduled for the day.


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