Winrar in Windows 11, is it still necessary?

If you wonder to what extent it is still necessary to install Winrar in Windows 11, in this article we give you all the keys.If you have just installed Microsoft’s new system, you are probably wondering if Winrar in Windows 11 is still necessary. Although it may seem otherwise, this tool is still present on many computers. Why is it like this?

We have put together this guide to show you how important it is for you to install Winrar in Windows 11 . In addition, we tell you step by step how to do it easily and what this utility looks like when running in the latest update released by Microsoft. Everything you need to know about Winrar in Windows 11 you will find here.

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  • ZIP vs. RAR: when Winrar in Windows 11 becomes necessary
  • How to install Winrar on Windows 11?
  • Winrar in Windows 11: everything you need to know

Winrar in Windows 11, is it still necessary? [/ caption]

Winrar is a program that allows you to compress and decompress files. Its developer is Eugene Roshal , who released the first version on April 22, 1995. It is paid software for which it is necessary to acquire a license. However, it allows you to test all its capabilities for several weeks. As the name suggests, this application is available only on Windows . However, its managers launched a variant for Android that brings most of the application’s functions to mobile devices.

Winrar is used to open, create and manage compressed files. That is its main function. It supports a myriad of formats, including ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LHA, TAR, UUE, XZ, Z, ZIP, ZIPX and 7z files. But that list is missing Winrar’s preferred format: the RAR file . As a curiosity, you should know that RAR is an acronym for Roshal ARchive.

Over the years, both the format and the application have evolved. For example, version 3.60 included multithreaded decompression, which took advantage of the capabilities of dual-core processors. In the release corresponding to version 3.90, Winrar acquires compatibility with Windows 7 and 64-bit processors. And among its latest improvements is the support of more and more formats.

After this review, you already know what exactly Winrar is, an application with a very lively development. Therefore, it is normal that you wonder to what extent you need this tool in Windows 11 . In the following sections we will explain it to you.

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ZIP vs. RAR: when Winrar in Windows 11 becomes necessary

ZIP files have a clear advantage compared to RAR files. The former have full integration with Windows and other operating systems. Without installing additional software, it is possible to open, unzip and create ZIP-compressed folders. On the contrary, to create a RAR file it is necessary to have Winrar in Windows 11 . With this in mind, it is a recommended tool, as long as you want to open or create RAR files.

If the most common thing in your case is to use the ZIP format, installing Winrar in Windows 11 stops making sense. Although there was a time when RAR files were very popular, the compatibility of ZIP on all types of devices makes it the most widely used format. Similarly, the adoption of cloud solutions, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, has made the use of compressed folders to the detriment. Now it is no longer necessary to agglutinate several files into one to get information to another user. Just send him the link of a folder uploaded to the cloud . To top it all, Winrar has long ceased to be the only application capable of managing RAR files. There are other free alternatives, like 7-Zip, which are also compatible with these types of files.

In short, Winrar in Windows 11 is no longer as necessary as it used to be. The ZIP has gained ground to a not very open format like RAR. And in cases where it is necessary to open a RAR file, many users opt for free solutions.

How to install Winrar on Windows 11?

If despite all the above in your case you need to install Winrar in Windows 11, we will tell you how to do it step by step on your computer. The first thing you should do is access the official page of the application. To avoid confusion, click on this link . Then, click on the Download WinRAR now button . If you want to get the application in a language other than Spanish, use the links below.

Next, locate the EXE file that you downloaded. Double click on it to start the Winrar installer. The wizard will appear on the screen. Use the Install button  to continue.

Select all the files you want to link with Winrar. As we mentioned before, in addition to the RAR format, this tool allows you to manage other compression formats. By clicking  OK , the different file types marked will be opened by default with this application. In the Shell Integration section  , select the quick actions you want to see from the context menu of the file explorer.

Finally, click on  Done to close the wizard. In the last window of the installer you also have shortcuts to the official Winrar page, where you can buy the corresponding license. But, for now, you can fully use the application for a while.

Winrar in Windows 11: everything you need to know

Now you have a copy of Winrar installed on your Windows 11 computer. How to use this tool? The simplest way is by associating the different extensions to the application, as we explained to you during the installation process. In this way, it is as simple as double-clicking on a ZIP or RAR to manage it with Winrar.

On the other hand, the application interface in Windows 11 has not been updated, which maintains the classic look. In this way, use Winrar as you did until now. You can check it in the following screenshot.

The main options are on the top bar. From there it is possible to open files, extract them or delete them. All these buttons are operational when you select a file in the integrated file browser.

As for the integration with Windows 11, this is still present. However, due to changes made by Microsoft in the context menus, an additional click is required to access the Winrar options. To get started, right-click on a folder or file. In the context menu, use the Show more options command .

Once you have loaded the classic context menu, use the various options provided by Winrar.

As demonstrated, Winrar compatibility in Windows 11 is the same as in previous versions. Everything works as expected and the appearance of the application remains the same. In this way, if you were already a Winrar user in Windows 10 , you will not notice any difference.

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