Windows 11: How to Disable Start Menu Recommendations

The Windows 11 Start Menu arrives completely renewed and includes a recommendation system that, for some, can interfere with privacy, so we show you how to deactivate it.Windows 11 was released at the beginning of this month of October offering us a new operating system that has several new features both in terms of features and its aesthetic section, completely renewed to make it more visually attractive for the user.

Some of these changes, however, you may not like and that is why we publish, without going any further, a tutorial to teach you how to place the taskbar on the left of the desktop in “classic mode” instead of in the center as it appears by default in Windows 11.

Continuing with these tutorials, today we are going to teach you how to deactivate a function of the renewed Windows 11 Start Menu, we talk about the Recommendations box that suggests certain content present on our computer quickly and that is not being to everyone’s liking the world.


Disabling the Windows Start Menu Recommendations 11

The Windows 11 Start Menu Recommendations are a rather particular kind of history thanks to which we can quickly access certain files or applications that, in theory, we use regularly (although in our case it seems that the system recommends me some things of somewhat random).

Since the system probably does not work as well as it should (which will surely be corrected in future updates) in Vandal we are going to teach you how to deactivate it , something that will also be useful for all those who want to remove it because they do not want to have a “history” in half of the screen or have their objections to these recommendations for a privacy issue.

To deactivate the Windows 11 Start Menu Recommendations we must follow these steps:

  • First go to Start-> Settings.
  • Select the Personalizationtab .
  • Then click on the Startoption .
  • Now, in the new tab, deactivatethe options: Show recently added applications; Show the most used applications and Show recently opened items in Start, shortcut lists, and File Explorer.
  • After this you will see how the Recommendations section appears completely emptyin the Start Menu.
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