Windows 10 fixes the WiFi bug that gave blue screens

It is difficult to find a month in which there are no changes in Windows 10 that generate a multitude of problems on users’ computers. Today’s is one that affects the WiFi connectivity of Windows 10 computers, even generating blue screens. Fortunately, Microsoft seems to have fixed the bug.

The failure in Windows 10 affected the WiFi drivers of computers with Intel network cards , which are the vast majority of the market; especially in laptops. There were several critical glitches, starting with a blue screen without following a specific pattern. There were also problems when connecting to 5 GHz wireless networks, where apparently there were drops and cuts, as well as some users experienced problems when using Windows 10 as a network access point, the network not working if channel 165 was used to make the connection.

Different patches to fix the WiFi bug in Intel

There were also problems connecting to Bluetooth devices, as the network chips in computers integrate both connectivities. Apparently there were problems adding new devices such as mice or headsets, as well as problems using calls with Microsoft Teams.

The version that solves the failure in all devices with an Intel WiFi card with WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E is dated February 23, 2021. Among the chipsets that receive the update are the AX210, AX201, AX200, Wireless-AC 9560, 9461, 9462 and 9260 . We also find version for the 8265 and 8260 chips . In the case of the 3165, 3168 and 7265 chip family , we have version .

To find out what chipset we have, we can go to Device Manager> Network adapters. We can also look at it in the Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center> Change adapter settings.

There are two ways to update: by hand or using the Intel tool

To update, we can do two things. The first is to go directly to the Intel network drivers section , or instead we can download the Intel Driver & Support Assistant so that it automatically detects the Intel products that we have on our computer, and thus updates all the corresponding WiFi drivers .

As we can see, both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity were seriously affected by these failures, but luckily Microsoft and Intel have worked together to solve them. Now we only have to wait to see with what failure they surprise us in future updates of the operating system.


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