Will I study MBA, or start a business?

MBA is currently the most popular program in the world! Only 52% of the people who study in the general business department complete their MBA. To do business requires skill and capital. There are some people who have both of these. There are some people who have skills but no capital, as well as some people who do not have skills, have capital.

Both business and MBAs are different. The business will pay you money, on the other hand, completing your MBA will increase your skills. This skill will enable you to use your business. But remember that it is better not to do an MBA from a bad university. They will just give you a certificate that may only be useful on the job.

If you do not have a specific reason then the MBA will not work for you. The fact that you can start a business successfully with an MBA is not. Real experience of doing business. However, this experience will enable you to recover quickly if you have an MBA.

In our country, MBA is generally the most favorite of those who are looking for a job. Because the banks, insurance and financial institutions give more importance to MBA. You need to find out how important an MBA is to your business field. But, of course, an MBA will help to increase business skills.

If you want to start your own business or develop some skills and then start a business, start a business without an MBA. And if you want to work for a big company or start a business with a lot of skills, then do an MBA.

If you think that the business idea you have should start now, start a business without a hitch And if you think your business idea is not as unique, or if you have no problems getting started later, do an MBA.

As there is no alternative to education in the backdrop of our country, there is no alternative to money. But if you want to get money and education, start an business with an MBA. As long as it takes time to do an MBA, think more about the business you are planning to do. The right business plan can make the business successful.


by Abdullah Sam
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