You will be a proud partner in earning foreign currency by producing and exporting dry goods

The sea is one of the livelihoods of the people of Bangladesh in the river-sea coast of Bangladesh. Fisheries keep their lives in order to earn their livelihoods and engage themselves in fishing. From season to October, from March to October, fish harvesting and dry processing begins in the sea. The employment of these people across the river is just central to the river. The fishermen made their way to the fishery by staying away from the shore, making permanent depot houses and machas for themselves, holding fishing equipment and drying them. The drying season runs from October to March. The shoots of the sea and the rivers are erected by drying the shukti mahal. In addition to the area around the char area, the grains were dried and dried in the sun. The winter season is the perfect time to dry the fish.


The fishermen make fish by catching and picking fish with different types of nets. From the morning to night, the time spent in fishing, grading and processing of fish, the export revenue of any type of shrimp production by the fishermen and traders associated with dry matter increased manifold. At present, dried fruits are exported abroad to meet the demand of the country. Sea rocks are also hung on ropes to dry the sea-derived marine fish.

Leeta, knife, rupchanda, mitaya, coral, bookshelf, wool, and shrimp are among the dry. Dandruff produced by the use of urea fertilizer, salt and poisonous powder is harmful to health. There is no taste in this national pitcher. The taste and demand of non-chemical dry matter. Again, because of the different reputation of the area-based shukti, both the value and the value are higher. In order to meet the demand of our country, dry export is to various countries of the Middle East including Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman and Pakistan.


Some fishermen produce dried fish for their own well-being and livelihoods without the help of public private assistance. Sometimes fishermen cannot catch fish because of disaster. Again, due to floods, the fish pond reservoirs are submerged due to the rise of native fish in the river. And the traders are busy to dry native fish, especially putty, chanda, taki, boal. If the raw fish income is less than the market value, the quantity of oyster is reduced. Again the higher the import of fish, the lower the price, the higher the dryness. Usually one gem dries out when drying three gem fish.


Due to various doubts and adversities, the fishermen and traders who are collecting fish in the river have to face problems. Road transport from the coast to the river is not a good cause of transportation problems.


Due to the lack of bank loan facilities and backlogs of the dry-growing fishermen, the warehouse owners have to pay the money. Due to the advance payment, the warehouse owners have to offer dry warehouse to the warehouse owners at low prices.


Due to disaster weather, heavy rains and fog, there are millions of damage to the coast of the sea every year due to lack of drying system. In this case, with the modern sponsorship of the government, the production and export will increase manifold. As a result, the industry will pave the way for earning a lot of foreign currency.

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