What will happen to Corona virus victims

A report on the experiences of Chinese doctors.

The new virus, which originates in central China, has so far affected 43,000 people and killed more than a thousand, more alarming figures than similar SARS viruses spread in the past.

What if you become a victim of this virus? And what are your chances of survival? We can find answers to these questions in a new report on 138 patients undergoing treatment at a hospital in Wuhan, China . This report also gives us an idea of ​​how the Corona virus can spread to people treated in the same hospital.

According to doctors at Wuhan University’s Zhoganan Hospital’s Critical Care Unit, 40% of their patients had the infection after coming to the hospital. These included 40 healthcare providers and 17 patients who came to the hospital for treatment for another disease.

According to him, 4.3% of the patients have died so far, 34% of the patients have been successful treatment and they have gone home, and the remaining patients are still undergoing treatment. The death rate outside China is apparently very low. Wuhan’s doctors, however, face difficulties. For the past month, the entire city has been closed and residents have been separated.

Early symptoms

Almost everyone suffering from the Corona virus first suffers a fever and then a dry cough and severe fatigue. Some people also have dysentery or nausea before other symptoms appear.

What happens after I go to the hospital?

According to Wuhan doctors, patients usually come to the hospital for the first time seven days after the initial symptoms appear and by this time they have difficulty breathing. It is not yet clear whether these patients have not been admitted to the hospital before or have not actually visited the hospital.

How is the infection confirmed?

A sample is obtained from the throat of a patient to test for the corona virus, which is tested using a polymerase chain reaction.

Sometimes a breast scan of the patients was done, which showed a similar stain on the cut glass in his lungs.

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The Chinese team reported that 25% of their patients were admitted to the intensive care unit, ICU, the most common cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ADRS). People with this disease begin to fill the lungs with water, which reduces their ability to move oxygen. It also affects other organs, including the kidney, which can also cause death. The chances of the already fragile individuals entering ICUs are high.

Who is most affected by the Corona virus?

The virus can affect older people. In addition, these individuals have more severe symptoms of the disease. The ages of those entering the Corona virus at Wuhan’s hospital ranged in age from 22 to 92, and the average age was 56 years.

How are these people being treated?

Reports from China make it clear that these doctors had no magic wand to cure the virus. In Wuhan, most patients were given antiviral drug called oseltamivir. However, according to doctors, it did not matter. In other areas, many different types of medicines, including HIV drugs, have also been tested. Patients whose condition was more severe were either given oxygen therapy or a circulatory support machine so that their lungs and heart did not get too stressed.


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