Why won’t my Roku device connect or work?

Roku is a very comfortable to use streaming device that allows us to access videos and music over the internet, due to the streaming interface of which it is master, it also easily accepts the streaming services that we have in mind. However, we may have problems, sometimes the remote control is damaged as it is programmed , most of which have simple solutions to perform such as the following.

How can I connect my Roku player to a home internet network?

Below we will follow some simple steps to achieve that our Roku can connect to an internet network having remote control, this will be of great help to make the most of the services offered by this wonderful electronic device:

  1. First, we must go to the Start option with our Roku control , then we must select the Settings option.
  2. Then, we will navigate through the options until we find one that says Network and then we enter the Configure Network option.
  3. Then, we select the Wireless option, within which the network in which we will connect to our Roku will appear.
  4. We select the network for a connection to be established and enter the network password (if it has one).
  5. To finish, we only have to wait a few seconds to verify that our Roku is connected and ready to go.

How can I improve the signal from my Roku player connected to a home internet network?

  1. Check the strength of the WiFi signal , going into Settings and then Network, if you are really connected. Observe if the signal is Excellent, Good, Fair or Bad, if it turns out to be Fair or Bad you will have to optimize it.
  2. Move the Roku and see if this helps , or if you can, try the Router instead, as signal strength can be affected by distance or impediments.
  3. Check with a phone or pc at the location of the Roku to see if it accesses the internet without problem.
  4. If the problem persists, you can restart both the router and the Roku, although this may be trite for you this may fix it.
  5. In the Roku player, go to the Settings option , then System, and we go to System Restart. Or we do something simpler, we disconnect it from the electrical power supply to restart.
  6. Then we will do the same with the internet router, in this case we will only follow the steps that the manufacturer suggests.
  7. To finish, we just have to connect the internet router and the Roku to the power supply. Then we will only have to wait a few minutes for them to automatically turn on and have full access to the internet network.

It should be mentioned that there are several additional problems that can make us think that our Roku is damaged, so we must investigate.

Audio issues on Roku

In this case, the problem arises that the audio is not heard, it is distorted or delayed, to solve it, first we must only turn off our Roku and if possible disconnect it from the electrical power supply.

For which we will have to wait at least 10 seconds to be able to connect our Roku again and turn it on, if the problem still persists, the next thing to do is check the cables and connections of the Roku.

If everything is installed correctly, the problem may be caused by the hardware or software of our Roku device. In this case, we will only have to reset the Roku, which will restore the factory settings again.

Image or video issues on Roku

This problem is mainly due to the speed of the internet connection, that is, the internet browsing plan. The Roku device requires at least a 3Mbps download browsing plan to get Standard Definition Video.

One of 9Mbps to offer HD Video quality and if we want a 4K HDR definition we need 25Mbps. If we already have any of the aforementioned plans, then we must adjust the video bit rate. Another way is to check if the HDMI cable is properly connected on each end-to-end device.


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