Why won’t my PS4 turn;how to fix it?

Video game consoles have proven to be made to last and withstand demanding tasks, at least this is the case with the PlayStation 4 . And therefore, it is to be expected that at some point there is a fault or problem and we do not know what to do. In the next article we will talk about Why doesn’t my PS4 turn on or give video and how to fix it?

This is something that can cause alarm and even more so if we are at a critical moment in the game, where we have invested many hours of our valuable time. And we can tell you that this is very natural to happen and we will give you the possible basic solutions that you can apply so that you do not waste time searching the internet.

As you should already know, our video game consoles are now more than that and through them you can connect to the internet and download different applications. There is a great variety and it is good that you know which are the best App to download on PS4 or PlayStation 4 . And we can see movies, series, games, videos, photos and other events.

Why won’t my PS4 turn on or give video and how to fix it?

The PlayStation 4 can present certain failures, which do not necessarily represent the death of our device, but if we act quickly we can solve them. This can be the result of the long hours you have spent in front of your television without even worrying about giving the video game console a break.

So we will offer you some easy-to-apply recommendations so that you can solve some of the most common problems that the PS4 can present But it never hurts to remind you that you should not expose the console to very long days. You must at least, every so often, turn it off or put it on standby time to avoid overheating and thus it can perform better.

What to do if my PlayStation 4 does not turn on or give video

There is a well-known problem called the blue light of death , in which when you press the power button, a blue light will begin to flash for a few seconds. After this the light will turn off and you will not be able to use the console. This will be as dead, in conclusion it will not turn on and we cannot use it.

The possible solution for this problem, we will find it on the TV and not in the video game console, it is possible that it is out of date. Please update the latest firmware version, if it doesn’t fix then try testing the console on another TV. It may also be that you have problems with the HDMI cable or with the connectors on the console or TV.

There is another possible solution to this death light problem and that is to press and hold the power button. You can do this for about 10 seconds, until you hear a double beep. That it will do this, because you are going to enter the so-called safe mode of PS4 and here you can configure different aspects such as screen resolution, make updates.

You can also make default settings, reset to factory settings, rebuild the database, etc. If none of this works, it may have internal damage to the hard drive and then you should take it to technical service.

If in your case the PS4 simply does not turn on, nor does it give video, it does not show any LEDs, then try to verify that the cable that supplies the electrical flow has no faults. Disconnect the plug from the console and try to plug it into another outlet, if everything is correct, check that the console is not very hot, if so, wait for it to cool down.

Sometimes it often happens that the Gamepad has become desynchronized and this is not allowing communication with the console, preventing this from turning on. Try connecting via USB cable to the console and turn it on again. These are some solutions that you can apply when  my PS4 does not turn on or give video.


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