Why We Should study Language Myth?

It is necessary  to understand the Language Myth about language learning. Here are some of these:

Languages are logical: Many people think that languages are logical. But it is incorrect. They are illogical. The symbols of a language are arbitrary. English language is all the more arbitrary because of its illogical spelling and pronunciation. The sound ‘f is presented by different spelling combinations in these words: lieutenant, enough, far, philosophy.

Languages are unlearn able:

 Another misconception is that some languages are unlearned able. All of us have the same speech organs. If we have the will and time, we can learn any language of the world. Since all human beings have been bestowed with the same vocal organs, they can learn any language produced by the same vocal organs.

 Some languages are better than others:

 Another misconception about language is that some languages are less important than others. In fact, every language represents its culture in the best possible manner. English is an excellent language for expressing English culture. But it would be a poor language for the expressing our cultures. The best language for the latter is a regional language, viz; Urdu, or Punjabi. Every language is a perfect means of expression of the culture of people who speak it. Languages are not really comparable.

Exact equivalents within a language: Many people think that there are exact equivalents between two languages. It is also a misconception. Since every language is based on the history, tradition and culture of its people, the words of it cannot be translated exactly into the language. Exact equivalents cannot be found in any two languages of the world.

The layman also thinks that there are exact equivalents within language. He is wrong in thinking so. No two words of a language have the same meaning. We may have words similar in meaning but there must be a delicate shade of difference in their meaning e.g., “truth” and “validity”, “ill” and “sick”. Some people think that writing is language. It is not so. Speech is the primary form of language. Writing is its graphical representation only.




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