Why wait for the iPhone 14

The Apple presentation did not have time to die off, but the nuances of the iPhone 14 line, which will be released in a year, have already become known. Curious changes await us not only in smartphones, but also in the line of devices itself, as well as a return to familiar controls. In any case, well-known analysts disseminate just such information. Let’s see what awaits us?

Most likely, the notch in the iPhone 14 screen in the form of a visor will no longer be


  • 1How the iPhone 14 will look
  • 2Why do you need Touch ID
  • 3How much will the iPhone 14 cost
  • 4When the iPhone 14 mini comes out
  • 5IPhone 14 design

How the iPhone 14 will look

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says there’s a lot more to come with the iPhone 14. So, for example, Apple will release two inexpensive 6.1-inch smartphones next year . To these will be added 6.7-inch flagships. In addition, there is a possibility that the new iPhone 14 will return fingerprint support, but already under the screen. These devices will receive 48 megapixel cameras and Touch ID – this is great, because Touch ID is still remembered with a kind word by all fans of Apple devices.

iPhone 14 will look something like this. Like?

The same SE 2020 is in demand among “old believers” who are not used to Face ID. The new devices are likely to be called the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The expert notes that the iPhone 14 Max will be the most affordable of the entire upcoming line of devices – the price of a smartphone will be the lowest price for a 6.7-inch device.

Why do you need Touch ID

We have already written that the fingerprint technology in the iPhone is much cheaper not only in production, but also in relation to consumers. In the iPhone 14, it is planned to remove it under the screen – this solution has long been used by manufacturers of Android smartphones. In this, Apple is several years late. However, given Apple’s reverent attitude towards its own developments and their implementation, there is reason to believe that subscreen Touch ID will perform much better than its Android counterparts.

In-display finger scanners are usually less convenient than their physical counterparts.

This will allow you not only to diversify your own line of devices, but also to attract buyers with an interesting solution: the boring bangs will finally disappear – instead, a practical teardrop-shaped camera cutout will appear . Judging by the available images, the iPhone will not look like an Android smartphone with it.

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How much will the iPhone 14 cost

Apple assigns only the original price, and then adapts it for each country separately

Ming-Chi Kuo notes that the cost of the iPhone 14 will range around $ 900 for the Max version. For comparison, the same iPhone 12 Pro Max cost $ 1,099. That is, for this money you will get a 6.7-inch screen without a Face ID cutout, at least 128 GB of internal memory (as we know, from this year all iPhone 13 have exactly that much minimum memory instead of 64 GB). You may have noticed that there is not a word about the iPhone 14 mini. Yes, there are interesting details here too.

When the iPhone 14 mini comes out

There are many fans of the mini-version among the subscribers of our Telegram chat . The guys are still choosing the compact version of the iPhone. Unfortunately, she’s not perfect, and Apple ordered her to live long. Ming-Chi Kuo notes that the iPhone 14 mini will not come out. The company finally became disillusioned with compact smartphones, this is not surprising – the smartphone has not become popular.

iPhone 13 mini – Apple’s latest compact smartphone

Apple has improved the iPhone 13 mini by slightly increasing the battery – now the updated version will live 1.5 hours longer. Alas, the iPhone 14 lineup will lose the 5.4-inch iPhone mini form factor. It’s just that the company understands perfectly well that the time of compact smartphones is practically gone, customers simply do not need them.

IPhone 14 design

iPhone 14 will not be released until 2022, but we already know what kind of camera it has

The analyst is not talking about what design changes from the iPhone 14 should be expected. In general, we can assume that nothing supernatural will happen. In addition, the disappearance of the bangs in one of the models and the appearance of Touch ID under the screen are already huge changes, which will be enough. In any case, we haven’t seen such changes in the iPhone for a long time. It will be interesting to take a look at the huge 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max. Questions about the iPhone 14 display: will it get a 120Hz refresh rate? Will the frames remain on the screen?

After Apple’s presentation, the world entered its usual phase – predicting the new iPhone , its characteristics, prices, design. I think it’s too early to draw any conclusions, but it’s definitely worth listening to what the experts say. For example, the same return to Touch ID is great news. Given that the world of technology is slowly hitting the ceiling of possibilities, the return to the familiar security interface is the same as the edges of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, to which Apple was not afraid to return again.


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