Why should a pregnant woman eat fish

During pregnancy, in a diet rich in fish and seafood, children with vitamin deficiencies are rarely born. This was discovered at the Institute of World Health in Barcelona. Overall, 8-year-olds whose mothers received 4 servings of fish a week during pregnancy performed 16% better on attention tests.

Consumption of 1 ulufa of fish per day improved the indicators by 24%. The risk of hyperactivity syndrome was 16% lower with regular intake of fish. Fatty fish similar to mackerel and salmon are more effective due to their high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds are essential for brain development, so it is recommended to include fish in the diet as early as possible. Scientists consider 115 grams of fish to be one ounce.

Fatty fish are advised to focus on cod. Canned tuna and various mollusks, as research has shown, had less positive effects. Scientists also warn us to refrain from consuming large amounts of tuna because of its mercury content, as this substance is toxic.

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