Why Long Tail Keywords improve web positioning?

Many people believe that SEO consists of the use of keywords for web positioning, but this goes much further. In practice you have to use h1, h2 to organize and outline the content and many other strategies.The fundamental link building piece is also fundamental; however it is not something you can control. In spite of everything, there are factors that you can control, such as Keywords and their Long Tail variants.

The Long Tail keywords should become your best strategy to attract as much traffic as possible, since they are characterized by being very specific , so they are usually very useful for specific searches that work to direct a particular audience to your site.

In the following article, we will explain better what Long Tail is, how to use it and how it can improve the SEO positioning of a website.

What are keywords?

We cannot talk about Long Tail Keywords without first explaining what a Keyword or keyword is. Keywords can be defined as that set of words that people often use to use a Google search.

For this reason, the science of keywords is that if you have a shoe website, when a user does a search for shoes on Google, you are the first result, or at least you are among the first, that Google returns.

However, the keyword shoes alone is overly broad and yields endless results. For this reason, if a user does a search for shoes, it is difficult to be among the first places since you will compete with highly positioned companies such as Nike, Adidas, among others.

In that sense, the Long Tail comes into play, which zooms in on the search, making it more specific so that users can find you.

Keywords Long Tail and how to use them

Long Tail keywords are characterized by being longer phrases and, therefore, more specific. The advantage of these is that they have much less competition and by attacking them, it is much easier for users to get to your website.

Long Tail words are characterized by being a phrase of 3 words or more. To better understand how the Long Tail works, we can take up the previous example.

If our keyword is shoes, as we mentioned earlier, the competition will be very high and the chances of them getting us will be very low.

However, if we add the Long Tail “to play soccer” or “to exercise at the Gym in Madrid” to the keyword shoes, the searches will be reduced to those terms, discarding all the pages that do not have these terms and, for hence, increasing the chances that your website appears.

If you have a small business, using Long Tail Keywords is the best strategy to beat potential important competitors in the market. For this reason, you must learn how to use Keywords to start increasing your web positioning and, therefore, your sales.

How to get keywords that help me in SEO positioning?

There are several options and tools to get good Long Tail. However, the best option will be to be creative and write as keywords what you can offer to users and clearly identify your products or services.

SEO tools like SEMrush

It is a very useful tool that gives you some good ideas to use as a Long Tail. Simply enter the keyword you want to rank for and the SEMrush platform will tell you some options with little competition.

Use the options that Google gives you

Although it may not seem like it, using the options that Google throws at you is a very good idea, since they are based on people’s search criteria. So it is worth typing your keyword in the search engine and writing down some Long Tail.

Using Geolocation

The Geolocation tools is also useful because by allowing Google to know your location, it will be able to redirect users adjacent to your website.

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