Why Learn English: 7 Reasons to Study the Queen’s Language

If you look around you will find a large amount of English writings, songs, programs and websites filling the space around you. A lot of news you hear contains words in English and sometimes you seem to feel excluded from all this communication.

As probably happened or is happening to you too, I started studying English at school because I had to and I confess that I hated it! All those grammar rules, the pronunciation, the irregular verbs … so how do you like something like that?

This is what I thought before finding the motivation to study the “queen’s language”:

  1. Literature. It may seem strange to you, but this was the first reason that led me to study English with more passion. Once I finished the grammar and the phrases to learn by heart, I discovered that I could read texts in the mother tongue and also that they were much more beautiful than the translation. Try reading a poem by John Keats or Emilie Brontie in English and you will hear a completely different music, you will appreciate something you don’t feel with a translation!
  2. Internet. Definitely less poetic than the first reason, but extremely useful and motivating. A third of the network is in English and if you want to have more information than you can find in Italian alone, you need to learn English! If you are passionate about computer science and want to install your Linux distribution from scratch (or from scratch) you will find a lot of news, blogs and tutorials in English, but much less material in Italian.
  3. Best universities. On the topuniversities website you can find the ranking of the best universities in the world in 2015. Unfortunately the site is in English (here is another example), but you can also find an article in Italian in the press and, unfortunately, you can always find out that Italian universities are beyond the 100th place! We can more or less agree with this ranking, but if you too would like to study abroad, you must know English! Why limit yourself and not give yourself one more chance for your future?
  4. Broaden your knowledge. Do you like to travel ? Would you like to meet people from other countries? Maybe you dream of a handsome Finnish prince with blonde hair or a beautiful Swedish girl? Joke aside, if you’d like to broaden your borders and be able to communicate with the people you know when you travel, know that English is spoken by nearly two billion people and is the official language of the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the Caribbean countries of British colonization. In addition, English is also used as a second language by many nations and as an official language by many international organizations.
  5. Possibility of professional growth. Today, if you don’t speak English, you have much less chance of finding work , especially in large organizations, but also in small businesses, because your customers are global . Imagine starting to work in an Italian multinational in which, however, all the people you have contact with are Italian and you are not asked for direct contact with people from other countries. Then the multinational changes ownership and month after month the management becomes international, the presentations are in English and the discussions spread to other countries. Those who don’t speak English are suddenly left outand, even if capable, he finds it very difficult to present his ideas. Here, this story is true and personally it was the demonstration of my competitive advantage of knowing English!
  6. Erasmus. Would you like to study abroad even for a period of time? The Erasmus program is one of the possibilities you have as a university student. I honestly didn’t know about this program until a classmate of mine told me about it at university. There were very few places at the time and the students who left Italy were almost considered daredevils (ah, I didn’t go to university a lifetime ago, unfortunately Italy has always been a bit behind on this). In order to access the scholarship do you know what the other requirement was besides the average of the exams? … Know the English language! If you are a student and are looking for an experience that can enrich you from a human, personal and professional point of view, I highly recommend that you think about an experience abroad!
  7. Understanding the songs. It sounds like bullshit, but, besides being one of the best ways to learn English while having fun,  it’s also a great satisfaction! Humming songs from your favorite artist or band gives you the chance to fully appreciate what you are listening to and to participate much more in the melody. You will be amazed at how many words you will be able to learn and how beautiful a song in the mother tongue can be once included!


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