Why it is good to be optimistic

I recently started being able to listen to podcasts while walking, or even when driving. I have completely forgotten television and have immersed myself in a passion to read and listen to what can give me more than just listening to the current news. Here is my summary on why it is good to be optimistic.

With that, I discovered a podcast series by @enpositivoWEB and presented by  Sara Mariner . I decided on one that talks about positive thinking.

Making a summary of what I was able to learn I explain it to you below:

– Person with a pessimistic attitude: strives to find problems and difficulties causing disappointment and fear.

– Person with an optimistic attitude: strives to find solutions, advantages and opportunities.

Personally, I think that surely right now, if you consider yourself an optimistic person you will be reading the text carefully and if you are pessimistic you will have already tired and will release any blasphemy or excuse to immediately lose your interest.

Another interesting point was the one that mentioned that optimism protects us from discouragement, it gives you strength to move forward in any situation we encounter.
Undoubtedly, optimist, you agree with the explanation, more for the explanation, for your experience. Instead, pessimist, you remain grateful for your excuses and disinterest and advocate not to be pessimistic but to be realistic. There you with what you can believe or think but your thoughts try not to make them public because too many times it does not help anything.

If I can’t get through one door, I’ll either cross another or make another door. Something wonderful will come, no matter how dark the present is. Rabindranath Tagore

And how can we enhance optimism?

Here are 6 daily keys so you understand that it is good to be optimistic:

  1. In a good mood: laugh and smile.
  2. Personal relationships: take care of your relationships and share the best with them.
  3. Listen to your heart.
  4. Look for the meaning of life: what do you want to do and what do you want to contribute in life.
  5. Sharing: what is shared is more enjoyable.
  6. Be grateful: Be grateful for what you have.


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