Why is your microphone not working on your Windows 11 PC?

Microphones are clearly essential for many tasks, especially if you work remotely and need to communicate with your coworkers. Given this, if after updating Windows 11, once the microphone does not work , it is best to act immediately by following some of the recommendations that we will show you below.

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  1. What is the main reason why your microphone does not work on your computer?
    1. Configuration failures
  2. How to troubleshoot and configure your microphone to work properly on your PC?
    1. From your control panel
    2. Directly from sound properties
  3. How do you know if your microphone is working correctly?

What is the main reason why your microphone does not work on your computer?

Currently it is very easy to use external microphones on practically any device, a clear example is that there is the possibility of connecting an external microphone to any Android mobile , but clearly you should also be able to do it without problems on your Windows computer.

Understanding the above, it is very easy to deduce that in most circumstances the main causes of the microphone not working are very easy to fix. In fact, most of the time they are due to errors in the configuration of the device , something that we will talk about below.

Configuration failures

Accessories such as microphones will be installed automatically after connecting them to the computer, whether you have a USB microphone or a basic microphone, most of the time you should not do anything , but in isolated cases it is necessary to do some extra configurations, ranging from installing drivers to configuring the Windows sound section.

How to troubleshoot and configure your microphone to work properly on your PC?

Before we pointed out that there are different ways to solve problems related to sound in Windows. Fortunately, we also have a number of ways to configure and test the microphones . Please read the following information carefully to troubleshoot microphone audio on your Windows 11 computer.

From your control panel

The classic way to change settings related to audio is through the control panel, so it is the first place you should visit in case the sound of the microphone is not working correctly. Follow the steps below to fix the audio from your microphone .

  • The first thing is to enter the Control Panel, to do this, go to the Start Menu, search for it and click on the result to access it.
  • Inside the Control Panel, click on ‘Hardware and Sound’ space from which you can configure the Windows sound and test the microphone .
  • After the above, select ‘Sounds’, an option that you will recognize by its classic horn-shaped icon.
  • Now, you must go to the ‘Record’ taband find your microphone. Once you have found it, right click on it and click on ‘Activate’.
  • In turn, we recommend right-clicking on the device and clicking on ‘Set as default device’.

Directly from sound properties

You can even more easily access the audio configuration options by simply right-clicking on the volume icon on the right side of the Windows taskbar. After that, click on ‘Sounds’ and the Windows sound settings application will open.

In any case, regarding the repair or activation of the microphone, the process is the same as we indicated before, so you could follow the steps indicated. In any case, recapping, you simply have to go to the ‘Record’ section , select your microphone, activate it and realize that it is configured as the default device.

How do you know if your microphone is working correctly?

There are several ways to test if the microphone is working correctly, the first is through practice, that is, using an application. For example, if you use Discord to communicate with your friends when gaming , just set up the mic and check that it’s working , but sure, there are easier ways to do this.

In fact, if you access the sounds section as we mentioned before, you can test the microphone directly. Remember, you must enter the Sounds section and go to ‘Record’, you will see that a volume meter will be displayed on the right, simply speak and check if it is reacting to your voice .

If the above doesn’t work, try right-clicking on your microphone. After the above, click on ‘Properties’ and then go to ‘Listen’. Now, just click on ‘Listen to this device’ and then click on ‘Apply’. Technically you should be able to hear the microphone, yes, we recommend that you do it with headphones . Once the check is done, you must deactivate the option to listen to the mic.

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