Why is National Unity Day celebrated in India

Today’s youth will have to unite and teach the country the cause of unity. First of all, unity has to be awakened in families, only then we will be able to expect unity from the country.

Why is National Unity Day celebrated? (Why we celebrate Rashtriya Ekta Diwas) –

National Unity Day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel , known as Loh Purush of India . This day has been started by the Central Government in Delhi in 2014. Many attempts were made by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to always unite the country, remembering this work, it has been decided to celebrate this day as National Unity Day to pay homage.

The day was inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi . Modi ji garlanded the statue of Sardar Patel, and also started the ‘Run for Unity’ marathon. This program was organized so that Sardar Patel’s efforts to unify the country can be exposed to the country and the world.

National Unity Day Always speech ( Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Speech In Hindi)

The foundation of any country lies in its unity and integrity. India was a slave for many years. The biggest reason for this was the lack of unity among the people. The biggest reason for the lack of this unity was the absence of information broadcasting information at that time. Also, many cultures ruled the united India. Due to this, different castes developed in India. Due to changing regime and differences due to differences of opinion, differences arose and later the British rule ruled the country and they took advantage of this deficiency and adopted a policy of divide and rule. Due to this one weapon, 200 years of slavery on India from the British.

It shows that the development, peace, prosperity and integrity of the country are possible only due to unity. The Quami fight hollows the foundations of the country. It does not bring any private benefit nor national interest. Even today, we are lagging behind other countries due to lack of unity. We are weakening the unity of the country by being trapped in the quagmire of casteism. The biggest example of this is in the pages of history . Sun cause the failure of the 1857 revolution was lacking in unity. Mugulo also ruled India due to lack of unity.

Only after understanding this differences, many great freedom fighters of the country first tried to reduce this difficulty. Many big leaders first told people the importance of unity for independence. For this, radio broadcasts and newspapers were used before independence . Revolutionary heroes may have been in jails, but at that time they developed unity in the country on the strength of their pen. Because of this, we got independence in 1947 .

  • Currently the importance of unity (Ekta Mahatv):

The economy, justice system of any country will be able to smooth all these things only when there is unity in the people and on the day this system will be smooth, there will be no difficulty in the development of the country.

The biggest deterrent in unity is selfishness, in today’s time selfishness has become all-encompassing. Today, when the country is independent, it is self-reliant, so ideological differences lie in its development.

Before independence, the British used to take advantage of this foot and today the political people of the country. We should remember that wherever there is a crack, people will find their benefits in it. We are the only losers in such a situation.

The voice of unity in the country was the most elevated freedom fighter Loh Purush Vallabhbhai Patel. He was a person of new thinking in that century like the youth of today. He always gave a message of unity to the country. To pay tribute to him, his birthday is celebrated as National Unity Day.

National Integration Day is in 2020? Rashtriya Ekta Diwas 2020 Date):

In the memory of Loh Purush Vallabhbhai Patel, his birthday is celebrated every year on 31 October as National Unity Day.

National Unity Day was announced in 2014, it was decided keeping in mind Vallabhbhai Patel’s dedication to the nation, it was announced by Home Minister Raj Nath Singh.

The way to celebrate National Unity Day ( Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Celebration) –

Since 2014, on October 31, a nationwide marathon is organized to raise awareness about National Unity Day and to remember the great man. With this day, the message of national unity is reached to the younger generation of the country , so that later they can understand the importance of national unity in the country. On this occasion, many programs are organized in different places of the country. A garland is offered at the statue of Sardar Patel on Parliament Street, Patel Chowk, Delhi. Apart from this, oath taking ceremony, march fast is also done by the government.

The ‘Run for Unity’ marathon is organized in various cities, villages, districts, rural places of the country. People from schools, colleges, universities, other educational institutions, national cadet corps, national service scheme, participate in this program very much. The marathon is held on a very large scale at 8:30 am between Vijay Chowk to India Gate at Rajpath in Delhi, in which many leaders, actors take part. Apart from this, swearing program is also held in government office, public sector. There are various cultural programs in school college, banners, poster making competitions, speeches, paintings, poetry, debates, quiz competitions etc. are organized there.

Sardar Patel Birth 31 October 1875
Death 15 December 1950
National Unity Day begins 31 October 2014
Started by By Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Importance of National Unity Day: ( Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Importance)

Today, the youth of the country need to understand how important unity is for the country. In such a situation, having National Unity Day is very important. It is on such days that the youth are motivated to think in this direction.

In today’s time, unity has been fragmented in such a way that its importance should first be understood to the family, which is the smallest unit of society, because today there is no unity among families. That is why there is no unity in the society and if there is no unity in the society then how can we expect unity in the village, city, state and country.

It is necessary for unity, today’s generation and earlier generation should express mutual thoughts, and inform each other about their situation. Also, negotiations should be started in the hope of a solution. There is no solution to the disputes in the generations, every person considers himself to be right, in such a situation, families are broken up, so it is necessary that there should be a conversation and such an environment that every member of the family can speak and find a solution. It is easy to break up families. They are difficult to live together and these broken families also have an impact on the country.

If we all want development, then keep in mind the slogan of Prime Minister Modi ji, in which he has said, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas .

You may not be able to relate the example of family to the national unity, but I believe that unless there is unity in the families, there can be no unity in the country and until there is unity, till then The pace of development will be blocked and directionless.

Thus, in today’s time it is important to have National Integration Day.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Slogan Quotes National Integration Day Slogan Slogan

  • Integration – the key to development, the beauty and salvation of the country


  • Every single word is heavy, when every nation of the country is complete in unity.


  • Unity is the force of the country, unity is the golden moment.


  • As long as there will be sixty ties, the development of the country will continue.


  • Remember the value of unity, only then will the country come.


  • There is strength in unity only in a country where they are not weak.


Poem on National Unity Day ( Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Poem)

The unity of the nation is its base, why not impose communal thoughts on it, the distinction teaches every religion in God’s eyes, why share love , ideological battles are made in everyone, this India is not a piece of land for mother, my country My mother’s beautiful environment is in its salvation, the supernatural light is   with everyone, everyone’s development is unity ;


I do not you, how long will I last? How are these differences illiterate. Those who give communal thinking to the country, divide and rule how those slogans have been forgotten, be it the British or someone, we have given the opportunity in our mutual battle. lost to still slaves of the same thinking we are here to become his country’s enemies, we again said the chance sitting not Let resolved and came and sat down with today


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