Why is my cell phone out of service? How to fix ‘network not available’ or ‘no service?

It has happened to all of us that we try to make a call, but when we check, “Network not available” appears if you have had this problem, or it happens constantly making you wonder why I am not receiving calls on my phone? But calm down, don’t worry because we will see the reasons why this happens to you, and how you can solve this problem .

A basic concept that we must know is about how the signal of a telephone travels. Cell phones are dependent on radio waves, requiring them to be within range of an antenna or base station to communicate . The closer we are to a base station, the better signal we will have to communicate.

These base stations are usually well supplied in urban areas, but being far from one is not the only reason why we have signal problems or that “Network not available” appears. To better clarify this doubt, we will see more reasons why happens with your solution.

Why is my cell phone listed as out of order?

There are several reasons why we can have this problem on our cell phone, ranging from causes by human error to situations that are totally out of our hands. Next, we will see some of the reasons that make our cell phone appear out of service.

Self carelessness

We will start by mentioning some reasons caused by your own carelessness, being caused by an action done without knowing it. Some of these causes are:

  • One of these is that we activate airplane mode without knowing it , resulting in us not being able to access any telephone network.
  • We have misplaced or our SIM card is damaged , making it impossible for us to communicate using telephone credit.

We are in an area with no signal or dead zone

When we speak of a dead zone, we refer to places where mobile phones cannot access a base station . Depending on the location, you have different reasons for being without a signal, such as interference from buildings, natural formations or trees that interfere with the telephone signal.

Some examples of dead zones can be tunnels, elevators, areas with a high density of forest or places far from a base station. In examples that we have just seen, it is very likely that we have signal problems, if we do not directly have.

Overloaded phone lines

Base stations have a certain capacity that they can support, so if a large number of people make calls at the same time we will lose our signal while the line is decongesting .

How can I solve this problem?

Once we identify the reasons why we are without signal, we still have to solve what to do if I do not have coverage or signal? To answer this question, we will do it in the same way and with the same order, we will see the solution to each of these problems that we talked about previously.

Check that everything is fine on our phone

The first step that we should follow is to check that everything is correct with our phone, checking that we have disabled airplane mode , checking that the SIM card is not misplaced or has a fault.

Avoid or engage in situations where we are in a dead zone

The solution for this problem may vary from what kind of dead zone we are talking about. If we are in a dead zone within a city, such as an elevator or a tunnel, we must be careful to perform any important action that requires a signal , so that we do not have to worry while we do not have a signal for a short time.

Fixing the loss of signal in a city dead zone is easy to avoid or suffer slightly. However, this term is more meaningful when we refer to a rural area where it will be practically impossible to get a signal . Once again, we recommend that you make any call, or send any important message while passing through rural areas without a telephone line.

Overloaded phone lines

Finally, we will solve the overload of telephone lines, also valid in case we have a bad signal due to rainy weather. One aspect that we have to take into account is that in addition to the telephone lines we have the internet .

There are services on the internet where we can get a virtual telephone number , which can be used to make a call. We only have to get an establishment with Free WiFi to use this solution . One of the best applications to do this is Google Voice .


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