Why is Minecraft slow and jerky? – Solution reduce lag in Minecraft

Minecraft is such a good game, that now when you think of cubes immediately what comes to mind is a diamond pickaxe. This changed the industry forever and that is why it deserves to have thousands of tutorials on the internet. With that in mind, today you will learn why Minecraft is slow and jerky for me? , and how to fix it.

Why is Minecraft Slow and Jerky? – Solution Reduce lag in Minecraft

And the fact is that the game is slow is the worst thing that can happen to a gamer (in any game), because this ruins the experience completely, taking away fluidity and fun from a title. Such a problem can occur due to many factors, but usually no matter what it is, there is always a solution .

Why is Minecraft slow and jerky?

Before I can give you the solution to the question , Why is Minecraft slow and jerky? You must first know why this happens (this information can help you in several games).

Minecraft is a game that requires a lot of power, although the graphics do not look like a big deal, so the main problem that may be affecting you is the fact that you do not have the minimum requirements to play it. If you wonder what minimum requirements do I need to play Minecraft?

These would be: enough ram memory (2GB at least and 4 as a recommendation), also a decent graphics card to be able to play it fully, and a memory space of at least 150mb.


If you comply with all this but the title still runs badly, then it may be that you dedicated yourself to installing mods in Minecaft like crazy (you put too many). These can consume an excessive amount of memory, so they can greatly encourage your game.

In case that is not your case either, then you may have a bad copy of the game, try to delete it and reinstall it cleanly (or, failing that, update Minecraft to the latest version available). You can also try running an antivirus on your computer to see if that is the problem.

Finally, your slowness problem may be caused by the version of java that you have on your PC, since it may have stopped being compatible, or it is simply incorrectly installed.

Solution to the problem

Now that you know what the problem you are presenting may be, you have already answered the initial question, why is Minecraft slow and jerky? , it is time for you to see how to fix it with these solutions:

Number one

Download the latest available version of java that is compatible with your version of the game, or update the one you already have at this time.

Number two

Lower the game graphics to medium or minimal. This can be achieved by pressing the ” Options ” button in the main menu and then going to ” Graphics “, in that section you can choose the options.

This will solve a problem if your PC is not powerful enough, but it will make your experience a little less fun, since you will see a kind of fog in the distance that will prevent all the textures from loading.


Number Three

Try to play with all closed computer processes and programs, even those like browsers, as they consume CPU and memory in the background. Such a solution can put an end to the problem right away because it will let Minecraft be the only thing working (you can also choose to use cheats to optimize and improve Minecraft performance ).

Number four

Get the Optifine, which is a legal mod that allows you to choose better graphic options, and also takes a bit of the slowness of the game by itself. You can get it on the internet and it installs like any other mod. And ready

With that last one, you already know enough to say that the question Why is Minecraft slow and jerky? including the solution to the problem it poses. Now you just have to go to your game and start trying solutions to see which one works best for you, so go and enjoy.


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